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Synonyms for suffocation

the condition of being deprived of oxygen (as by having breathing stopped)


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As to suffocation, Captain," I replied, "that is not to be feared, because our reservoirs are full.
On that evening, Captain Nemo ought to open the taps of his reservoirs, and let some pure air into the interior of the Nautilus; without this precaution we could not get rid of the sense of suffocation.
It was that or death, and I was a swimmer and diver, and I knew it; and in the most intolerable agony of prolonged suffocation, during those moments I was conscious, I faced the wind and the cinders and breathed for life.
The public dinner to our distinguished fellow-colonist and townsman, WILKINS MICAWBER, ESQUIRE, Port Middlebay District Magistrate, came off yesterday in the large room of the Hotel, which was crowded to suffocation.
The very atmosphere that Elizabeth inhaled was hot and dry, and by the time she reached the point where the course led her from the highway she experienced a sensation like suffocation.
But so long as we kept our nostrils buried in our handkerchiefs, there was small danger of suffocation.
Nicholl hastened to stop the escape of oxygen with which the atmosphere was saturated, which would have been the death of the travelers, not by suffocation, but by combustion.
We know diseases of stoppings, and suffocations, are the most dangerous in the body; and it is not much otherwise in the mind; you may take sarza to open the liver, steel to open the spleen, flowers of sulphur for the lungs, castoreum for the brain; but no receipt openeth the heart, but a true friend; to whom you may impart griefs, joys, fears, hopes, suspicions, counsels, and whatsoever lieth upon the heart to oppress it, in a kind of civil shrift or confession.
HEBRON, February 28, 2018 (WAFA) - Dozens of students on Wednesday suffered suffocation due to gas inhalation fired at their school in Wadi al-Nasara in Hebron, according to a school official.
KARACHI -- A 70-year-old man died due to suffocation in an elevator in Malir Halt area of the city on Friday.
Aleppo, SANA- Six civilians suffered suffocation as the Turkish regime fired a number of shells loaded with toxic gases against al-Mazyaneh village in the surroundings of Afrin area in Aleppo countryside.
MURREE -- Seven people including five of the same family died of suffocation in separate gas leak incidents in Murree.
At least seven people including a newly-wed couple died of suffocation after forgetting to turn off gas-heaters before falling asleep in Murree on Sunday night.
8 (Petra) -- Scores of Palestinian students suffered suffocation as Israeli soldiers threw tear gas canisters inside schools in the West Bank city of Hebron, the principal of Al-Hagerya school, Ammar Jaber, said in a statement on Thursday.
28 (ANI): Students from a central school at Kochi's Willingdon Island were evacuated on Saturday after they complained of suffocation due to an alleged ammonia gas leak.