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Synonyms for suffocating

causing difficulty in breathing especially through lack of fresh air and presence of heat

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The fire and smoke were to be feared a thousand times over the water, and so I seized upon the first gallery which led out of and up from the suffocating smoke that was engulfing us.
In the struggle to breathe he, all unlearned in the ways of the sea, lifted his muzzle high in the air to get out of the suffocating welter.
Swimming in the darkness, strangling, suffocating, fighting for air, she was struck a heavy blow on the shoulder by a cocoanut.
The girls tried to lift me, but I was helpless and suffocating.
I was choking and suffocating by the time I reached Wolf Larsen's bunk.
How long she had been there in that suffocating atmosphere I could not guess.
Still, though the jail resounded with shrieks and cries for help,--though the fire bounded up as if each separate flame had had a tiger's life, and roared as though, in every one, there were a hungry voice--though the heat began to grow intense, and the air suffocating, and the clamour without increased, and the danger of his situation even from one merciless element was every moment more extreme,--still he was afraid to raise his voice again, lest the crowd should break in, and should, of their own ears or from the information given them by the other prisoners, get the clue to his place of confinement.
Embracing prey into heart failure is faster than suffocating it and appeared in different forms multiple times in snake history.
The killers had also stuffed sand into his mouth, suffocating him to death.
Further, government officials/bureaucrats, financed by the taxpayer, were employed to provide this ludicrous and suffocating regulation where no party benefited.
Police guards fired stun grenades and tear gas canisters towards the protesting worshipers at al-Asbat Gate, suffocating 10 at least.
died after suffocating from lack of air and inhaling the chair's foam beads.
The couple is suspected to have died after inhaling a suffocating gas believed to have leaked from the AC while they were asleep.
Nuha Qatamish, 44, was announced dead after suffocating from tear gas inhalation, Palestinian medics from Bait Jala Hospital said.
Dubai police have arrested a housemaid on charges of murdering her sponsors' baby by suffocating her with a wet rag, a report said.