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Synonyms for suffix

an affix that is added at the end of the word


attach a suffix to

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However, the subjects hardly used the strong stress on final syllable in the stems with the suffix, ese or ade, which causes plenty of inaccurate stress placements.
The most regular derivational paradigm of nouns derived from adjectives is unquestionably obtained with the suffix '-ost".
5), neighborhood density (0-5), family size (FS; 5-10), number of letters (5-11), suffix letter length (see Kuperman, Bertram, & Baayen, 2010; 2-4), familiarity (3.
This compound word derived from the verb 'anir' (the root 'an-' meaning 'to be astonished' or 'wonder' and -ir, the suffix of the present, future tense, substantivized (OTD: 667) and the noun 'tas'.
Considering 1) the combined frequency of the stem and suffix, 2) the complexity of the suffix (in terms of frequency, predictability, productivity and regularity) and 3) what word classes the suffixes are able to form, what 1) quantitative and 2) qualitative knowledge of suffixation do Swedish university students have in English as their L2 as compared to their L1?
If it doesn't have suffix, then the bearing is 7 balls structure.
b) the complex nominal suffix -lma, -lmo that has evolved of the above suffix;
Aronoff and Fuhrop (2002) claim that English allows only one Germanic suffix per word and that Latinate suffixes combine far more freely, in such a way that the Germanic and Latinate suffixes usually display complementary patterns.
Each substring of w can be seen as a prefix of a suffix of w.
Eastern Arabian dialects of former South Yemen, Oman, the Emirates, and Bahrain; those of eastern Syria, Khorasan, Uzbekistan, and Afghanistan; and Bagirmi Arabic in northeast Nigeria, Cameroon, and western Chad--an intrusive -n is added onto the active participle only before an object suffix.
Among the pattern matching algorithms, the pattern matching algorithm based on a heuristic with suffix matching, also called the shift-based algorithm, shows a faster average search time than the other algorithms [1]-[4].
In that period, anyone will be able to comment about the applicant for a suffix like .
When multiple applications seek the same suffix, ICANN will encourage parties to work out an agreement.
The reason for posing this question is that the suffix bora is a verbal element, morphologically related to the verb beran 'bear' and, as such, Kastovsky (1992) does not consider it a suffix, whilst Quirk and Wrenn (1994) do.
3]" Internet domain suffix for which it was snubbed on several occasions by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).