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Synonyms for sufficient

Synonyms for sufficient

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of a quantity that can fulfill a need or requirement but without being abundant

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Recent developments have significantly modified the Michigan nexus standard that is used for determining whether a business has sufficient contacts with the State to be subject to the SBT, and whether an in-state taxpayer's tax base can be apportioned to another State (the so-called throwback issue).
some circumstances) and necessary and sufficient for the occurrence of
To obtain sufficient contrast in the light microscope the polymer domain sizes must be greater than 1 [micro]m.
What this suggests, Begin says, is that with sufficient iron, it might be possible to trigger the body to kill its own tumor cells--just using the GLA naturally present.
'So the chair hereby declares the complaint sufficient in...
425, Worcester, charged with larceny over $250, admitted to sufficient facts, continued without a finding 1 year, fined $452.83 in restitution; shoplifting, admitted to sufficient facts, continued without a finding 1 year; assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (batteries), admitted to sufficient facts, continued without a finding 1 year, fined $90.
The amount with which the third party funds the TPT should be sufficient to allow the mast to meet its initial payment obligation on any anticipated installment sales the client intends to make to the TPT.
The law in this area is unclear but we do know that mere agreement as to price does not constitute a meeting of the minds sufficient to entitle a broker to a commission.
Designing a seal tank with a volume equal to two times the seal-pipe volume is typical and sufficient. Seal-tank volume may be reduced by using a seal leg with a smaller diameter than that of the water outlet connection in the separator.
When a high degree of plastification is required, it is therefore better to design the extruder with a sufficient number of pin planes and a number and geometry of mixing zones to meet requirements early on, avoiding the need for additional devices.
* having sufficient capital to underwrite the risks;
Was the documentation sufficient to show the nature of the violation, the investigative actions and the resolution of the investigation?
Reliability is a necessary but not sufficient condition for validity.
Has the CCCB given sufficient attention to personal responsibility, as distinct from social and economic structures, in exposing deficiencies and proposing remedies?