suet pudding

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a sweet or savory pudding made with suet and steamed or boiled

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Only in January does guilt overtake gluttony, as foodies self-flagellate by swapping that tantalising third helping of suet pudding for a lighter option like crispbread brulee.
Venison Suet Pudding and Root Vegetables Ingredients (per person) 6 oz.
For mains we enjoyed homemade beef and wild mushroom suet pudding with Lyonnaise potatoes (pounds 11.
Now Margaret Cant's famous clootie dumpling is being served up in one of Scotland's swankiest cafes - and orders for the classic suet pudding are flooding in.
But in the prison there were further helpings of potatoes (8 oz) and suet pudding.
Why should suet pudding with sultanas be called Spotted Dick?
Steak & Kidney Suet Pudding, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire Pies, Game Pie, Local Venison Liver & Bacon, Faggots, great Fish and Chips?
I remember with affection my mother's suet pudding with a crust at least an inch thick - I could never persuade my wife to make hers thick enough.
IT WAS "choux time" for baKer Beca Lyne-PirKis as her Welsh-inspired suet pudding and topping saw her rise to the occasion on the Great British BaKe Off.
A SPOTTED dick is a steamed or boiled suet pudding and here the word "dick" is probably a dialect term for pudding, while the dried fruit gives it a speckled appearance.
Although Matt and Sam take food very seriously, the menu is specifically designed to suit everyone, whether it is a ploughman's lunch in the bar, a good old hearty steak and ale suet pudding or rare breed belly pork in the restaurant.
MINCE and potatoes, suet pudding, green beans and chips on a Friday.
It came accompanied with a steamed suet pudding stuffed with venison mince, root vegetables and a jug of gravy.
Spotted dick is a steamed suet pudding containing dried fruit, and is thought to have originated in the middle of the 19th century.
The menu includes: Derbyshire Oxtail and Kidney Suet Pudding, Celeriac Puree and Rioja Syrup; Black Leg Chicken and Foie Gras Ballotine with d'Agen Prunes; 'Nose to Tail' Derbyshire Lamb with Pea Shoots and their Puree; Spiced Monkfish Tail with a Clam Nage, Turnip Fondant and Ginger Foam; Baked Egg Custard with Garibaldi Biscuits; Quince and Amaretto Trifle.