suede glove

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a glove made of fine soft leather (as kidskin)


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A) Synthetic suede gloves protect hands and forearms while you're pruning thorny roses.
SOPHISTICATED trilby-style hat, left, in stunning burnt orange shade with tweed trim, pounds 25; with loop knit scarf, pounds 20, and suede gloves, pounds 20, all from John Lewis
These relationships directly resulted in the creation of her seminal 'art objects', including the monkey fur shoes, the 'haunting veil', the black suede gloves with applique red nails of snakeskin, all of which also featured in the exhibition 'Addressing the century (100 years of art and fashion)' organised by the Hayward Gallery, London (1998-99), where the same theme of 'marriage' between art and fashion was debated.
BARGAIN EXAMPLES: Cream structured designer coat, pounds 199 (RRP, pounds 780); blue suede gloves, pounds 9.
The outfit was accessorised with suede gloves from Attica (pounds 18.
As instructed had taken up a position close to a respectable, dapper gent wearing a car coat, suede gloves, a scarf andone of those Robin Hood-type hats much favoured by Frank Sinatra and insurance men.
Complete the Miss Marple theme with these gorgeous pink suede gloves for just pounds 7.
But I was sweating so much under the lights that the dye came off my suede gloves.
Black animal print dress, pounds 25, by F&F Trend, black beaded necklace, pounds 12, black print tights, pounds 3, gold brocade glitter court shoes, pounds 18, red sweetheart neckline party dress, pounds 16, silver ball beaded necklace, pounds 8, long red suede gloves, pounds 12, brocade glitter court shoes, pounds 18
95; croc texture bag, pounds 180; Purple satin dress, pounds 160; long suede gloves, pounds 89.
99, from the Empire catalogue, Style KG6064; white shirt, pounds 125, from Fenwick; suede gloves, pounds 45, from a selection at Fenwick; patterned sweater, pounds 15, from C&A
Black animal print dress, EUR29, by F&F Trend, black beaded necklace, EUR14, black print tights, EUR4, gold brocade glitter court shoes, EUR21, red sweetheart neckline party dress, EUR19, silver ball beaded necklace, EUR9, long red suede gloves, EUR14, brocade glitter court shoes, EUR21