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Synonyms for Sudra

a member of the lowest or worker Hindu caste

the lowest of the four varnas: the servants and workers of low status


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The poor beleaguered over-taxed Sudra agriculturalists of the KM state might well have subscribed to such a view since they were coerced into funding those aspirations.
The implication of this position is that even terms like Sudra become equivocal.
Those who are not sudras and are not guilty of evil deeds may undergo initiation, undertake vedic study, and set up the sacred fires; and their rites bear fruit.
Mr Sudra staggered the short distance to his home in Erdington, Birmingham, but collapsed and died on the doorstep in his mother Varsha's arms.
The campaign is being backed by the family of 21 year-old Yajay Sudra from Erdington, who was stabbed in the street in a random attack on his way home from work in July 2010.
A SCHOOLBOY aged just 15 was last night charged with the murder of Birmingham student Yajay Sudra.
When he has half a chance, he doesn't miss it" - trainer Jimmy O'Reilly, describing his apprentice son Jimmy after his five-length success on Sudra
Qobtaan was doing all his best work at the finish and was just two and a quarter lengths behind Sudra in the end.
Alliance director Pradip Sudra said Pentecost was the perfect time for the Asian community to call for recognition from their white counterparts.
His trainer won this race a couple of years ago with Grazia but there are plenty of dangers standing in his way of a repeat, notably Khasayl, Sudra, Pipadash and Smart Ridge.
The sister of Yajay Sudra, who was murdered by Lemah Prince in a random knife attack almost three years ago, has also spoken about her family's heartache.
brahma jnana binu nari nam, kahahim na dusri bata kauri lagi te mohabasa, (37) karahim bipra guru ghata badahim sudra dvijana sana, hama tuma tern kachu ghatl janahim brahma so bipravara, amkhi dikhavahim damtl (D 552-53; also RCM 7.
A SCHOOLBOY was being questioned by police last night on suspicion of murdering Birmingham student Yajay Sudra.
HARD-working, loyal, intelligent and handsome, 21-year-old Yajay Sudra stood on the brink of a successful and happy adulthood.