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a number puzzle in which the numbers 1 through 9 must be placed into a grid of cells so that each row or column contains only one of each number

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Jeff Rollason, CEO and founder of AI Factory, stated, "The collaboration with Intel has allowed access of our challenging app to even more fans of Sudoku, and on the perfect mobile device for play.
One could even use a process of elimination similar to that of numerical Sudoku puzzles, but the size of the alphabet makes this a bit unwieldly unless it is already combined with other restrictions.
At the same time, mobile gamers that have never played Sudoku will enjoy it as a stand-alone jewel puzzle game.
How to: It's a normal sudoku, except the joined bits of the egg shell have a special rule.
Brute force systems essentially deploy all possible combinations of numbers in a Sudoku puzzle until the correct answer is found.
Everybody seems to be able to sudoku better than me.
This is the reason that the accompanying explanation of the rules of Sudoku in many newspapers claims that solving Sudoku requires no mathematics.
We've teamed up with our friends at Franklin Electronic Publishers to give away the new Sudoku player and Electronic Dictionary and Thesaurus.
SUDOKU looks set to topple the crossword as Britain's favourite puzzle, according to a study.
When Joe Pinnington sat down at his Heswall homes as he does most nights with a Sudoku puzzle, and his trusty golf pencil, he had no idea it would end with a trip to two doctors.
When furniture mogul Joe Pinnington sat down as he does most nights with the ECHO sudoku and his trusty golf pencil, he had no idea it would end with a trip to two doctors.
com has announced that it is to add several themed online bookstores for regular books to certain websites about Sherlock Holmes, yoga, sudoku and recipes.
This Sudoku Glass Tabletop Set is a sophisticated alternative to the traditional pen and paper game.
The Sudoku puzzle board comprises a nine-by-nine grid subdivided into nine smaller grids of three-by-three boxes.
Sudoku fans have three hefty puzzle collections on the latest craze to provide fans with excellent brand new puzzles with varying degrees of difficulty.