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Synonyms for sudden

Synonyms for sudden

happening quickly and without warning

Antonyms for sudden

happening without warning or in a short space of time

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Nobody ever comes back from a "missing" ship to tell how hard was the death of the craft, and how sudden and overwhelming the last anguish of her men.
Gore had been prevented by a sudden call of business from waiting at his office to see Mr.
It was a shout of sudden excitement at the appearance of a horseman cleaving the crowd at full gallop.
He refused to remain at the cottage--he asked, with a sudden change to fretfulness, if she would let her servant get him a cab.
Of a sudden the vicious beast lost all control of himself, as with a vile oath he leaped at the slender woman, gripping her tender throat in his brute clutch.
The latter, though surprised by this sudden and unexpected attack, was not one to give up without a battle.
It was so sudden that everyone was startled, and for some days the boy's life was in danger.
But at this critical instant a sudden exclamation was heard that took every eye from the whale.
I do not recall any feeling of fear, unless a sudden chill was its physical manifestation.
The Sagoth had never before seen a bow and arrow, but of a sudden it must have swept over his dull intellect that the thing I held toward him was some sort of engine of destruction, for he too came to a halt, simultaneously swinging his hatchet for a throw.
As we are very far from believing in any such heathen goddess, or from encouraging any superstition, so we wish Mr John Fr , or some other such philosopher, would bestir himself a little, in order to find out the real cause of this sudden transition from good to bad fortune, which hath been so often remarked, and of which we shall proceed to give an instance; for it is our province to relate facts, and we shall leave causes to persons of much higher genius.
This disaster was the sudden collapse of the habits that had become part of his nature in the ten or more monotonous years he had spent on the island.
Its rays, shining upon the moving masses of troops, brought forth here and there sudden gleams of silver or gold.
A sudden step upon the stairway leading to his workshop brought him trembling and wide eyed to his feet, staring fearfully at the locked and bolted door.
A sudden puff of wind blew off his hat and wig, at which a loud laugh rang forth from his companions.
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