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Synonyms for drainage

Synonyms for drainage

emptying something accomplished by allowing liquid to run out of it


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The Use of Peritoneal Suction Drainage to Reduce Shoulder Pain Caused by Gynecological Laparoscopy.
Nearly all of the studies cited use of suction drainage and dietary modifications.
Closed suction drainage is the standard care for head and neck surgical wounds.
A) Closed drains 1 Vacuum drains Vacuum drainage system (Redivac[R], J-Vac[R], abdominal VAC[R] drains) Vacuum assisted closure device (VAC[R]) 2 Non-vacuum drains Robinson drain Mallecot Pigtail drain Chest tube drains with an underwater seal T-tube drain B) Open drains Corrugated drain Penrose drain Sump drain A1 Closed vacuum drainage systems Closed vacuum drainage systems are closed circuit suction drainage systems that are designed to apply negative suction in a sealed environment, producing apposition of tissues and thus promoting healing.
Our aim was to compare the outcomes of modified radical mastectomy wounds managed by either closed suction drainage or closed simple drainage.
A negative suction drainage apparatus was placed in the pouch of Douglas and left in the pelvis for 6-8 hours following surgery.
The patented SABER 100 system w/150ml 3C[R] Collection Unit for closed wound suction drainage remains closed during emptying and reactivation to help prevent staff and patient exposure to exudate or fluid.
Maitland et al (12) (1970) conducted a study to find out the value of suction drainage in general surgery covering a period of 5 years under measure of control.
In-group A (n=30), drainage was performed using complete vacuum negative suction (400 mm Hg) and in- group B (n=30) with half vacuum suction drainage (200 mm Hg).
A closed suction drainage was placed in the surgical field before closure (Fig.