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a complex carbohydrate found in many plants and used as a sweetening agent

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(1) Intervention groups received 0.25 to 10 mL (median, 2 mL) of 12% to 75% sucrose or 30% to 40% glucose orally 2 minutes before one to 4 injections (one study used 3 oral doses every 30 seconds, and one study added topical EMLA cream).
After analyzing the dynamic laws of five quality indexes (i.e., brix, purity, polarization, sucrose content, and reducing sugar) combined with graphs over time, the paper establishes the relationship between the quality indexes of sugarcane juice by using regression method.
This is anticipated to be a key factor driving the feed sucrose market in the Middle East region.
In sucrose + Ca[Cl.sub.2] (T2) and sucrose + glucose + Ca[Cl.sub.2] (T4) treatments, TRS contents were statistically equal to treatment without osmotic dehydration (T5) (control), demonstrating that calcium was efficient in reducing the incorporation of sugars during osmotic treatment.
1997), and consisted of 30% sucrose and 0.5% yeast extract (MCD Lab., Tlalnepantla, state of Mexico, Mexico) as a nitrogen source.
Sucrose was recommended for the propagation of Miltonia flavescens (30 and 45g [L.sup.-1]; BESSON et al., 2010), Cattleya loddigesii (20g [L.sup.-1]; GALDIANO-JUNIOR et al., 2013), and Phalaenopsis 'Pink' hybrid (20g [L.sup.-1]; ZAHARA et al., 2017).
Being a C4 plant, both species have the capacity to perform high speed of photosynthesis and accumulate high concentrations of fermentable sugars in the stem, mainly sucrose. Therefore both the plants are ideal plant for strong stem sinks, and being used for the production of ethanol as a biofuel (Waclawovsky et al., 2010; Calvino and Messing, 2012).
Dosage by physical methods is used to dose sucrose in technical or purified sugar solutions, especially those which are marketed under the name of "liquid sugars".
Keywords: Ammonium nitrate, inflorescence, morphogenesis, plant growth regulators, sucrose.
FOS are oligosaccharides of fructose containing a single glucose moiety in which fructosyl units are bound at the [beta] (2[right arrow]1) position of a sucrose molecule (Yun, 1996).
According to the researchers, the amount of sucrose and fructose the mice consumed was comparable to that found in a typical Western diet, characterized by a high intake of refined sugars, saturated fat and red meat, and a low intake of fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.
An increasing number of sports drinks designed to provide energy during exercise Glucose-beverages use sucrose or mixes of glucose and fructose - but many still rely on glucose alone.