suckling reflex

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Modern royal babies spend more time with their parents and less with a nanny, so they will be adapting to being woken through the night, learning what comforts their baby's crying and ensuring George settles into a feeding routine as the suckling reflex establishes.
She nursed right away and had a great suckling reflex. I feel as if I we this all to Audrey for teaching me knowledge.
At presentation, the animal was standing, attentive and had normal suckling reflex. However, an ovoid, soft and fluctuant bladder like mass measuring 12x10 cm covered by hairy skin was observed on frontal region (Fig.1).
A two months old female Holstein Friesian calf was presented with history of dome shaped skull (Fig.1), sluggish suckling reflexes, normal body temperature and slight dull in appearance with no history of dystocia during parturition.