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(of an infant) breast-fed


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However, between birth and weaning, the piglets that suckled anterior teats gained more weight than the other piglets, confirming results from other studies (FRASER & JONES, 1975; PLUSKE et al., 2007; SKOK et al., 2007; PEDERSEN et al., 2011).
In the research, 10 machine-milked and 10 suckled Turkish Saanen Goats were used during first two weeks of early lactation.
"Over 2008 there was a 30% increase in the number shot at birth, which rose to 125,000 head, and because those that are reared have a slaughter weight that is around 25% lower than the average suckled calf, total beef supply levels cannot be maintained at current levels even if direct substitution in numbers terms is ever achieved."
The Brecon & Radnor Suckled Calf Rearers Association came into being in response to the need for an organised route during the post-war years for moving calves to the east of the country where there was plenty of grain.
The goats continue to chew their cud while being suckled, so they apparently enjoy the experience.
The decor is symptomatic of the film's misguided satirical aim: The Eisenhower-age aesthetic may once have symbolized American conservatism for baby boomers, but what on earth does it have to do with gay teenagers who were suckled at the dawn of Reaganism?
Wet-nursing arrangements varied, from friends who temporarily suckled infants whose mothers were ill to commercial wet nurses who advertised in the newspapers.
After forty all men should be suckled again: publicly, at a fixed price, till they are comforted, wishless, and needn't cry anymore, cry in the john, alone.
Since then, the boy has continually suckled the cow's milk once or twice a day.
THIS winter Hexham and Northern Marts are running a Young Farmers suckled calf wintering competition for members of Young Farmers' clubs in the region.
But the same offspring lived an average of two months longer after being suckled by foster-mothers on low protein diets.
The goats continue to chew their cuds while being suckled, so they apparently enjoy the experience.
BLUE Grey Suckled and Bulling Heifers, also Blue Grey, Galloway and Continental Suckled steers.
The Brecon and Radnor Suckled Calf Rearers website will facilitate links with buyers who attend their annual sales, with sales information and catalogues being available on line for the sales at Sennybridge on October 14 and Knighton on October 21.
Buyers from across Great Britain are travelling to Northumberland and Durham to buy some of the best suckled calves in the country.