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suck milk from the mother's breasts

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Caption: FIGURE 1: Comparing the number of times 80% of the piglets came to sow's udder to suckle in the treatment group (exposed to AS sounds) and the control group (not exposed to AS sounds) in each lactating period (1-7, 8-14, and 15-21 days after parturition).
An outlandish exploration of the ways loneliness, love, and loss manifest themselves in a seemingly ordinary man, Suckle, by Benjamin Salmon, is both funny and heartbreaking.
Lying between killer's huge paws, the youngster even tries to suckle
Puppies can be deprived of suckling time if their mother was nervous and kept moving them from place to place or if she was aggressive to them and had to be restrained in order for the puppies to suckle. Another possibility is that the puppy was pushed away from the best nipples by bigger, more vigorous litter mates.
They found that mice who lack a critical gene in the pheromone-detecting region of the nose, called the vomeronasal organ (VNO), were able to locate the mother's nipple and to suckle.
Jacob doesn't speak, or go to school, but he helps out on the farm and has a special, gentle way with animals: when a mother sheep rejects her lamb, he convinces another sheep to suckle it.
After reading an article on their directly suckling calves he acquired several and now uses them to suckle calves until they reach 150-200 pounds.
In colonial America, where breast-feeding was the norm, Puritan ministers used what Golden calls the "rhetorical wet nurse" as a trope to rebuke sinful women who shunned their maternal obligations to suckle their infants.
Such findings leave open the possibility that these bats sire and suckle their own offspring, Francis says.
The big cat even let the youngster try to suckle her after sparing its life.
"They blame me and have told me not to allow him to suckle from the cow anymore.
Mrs Roberts said: "We had to skin the foal that had died and put the coat over him, "He was quite greedy and went over to suckle and we initially had to hold her while he suckled.
Despite having paralysed back legs after being shot by yobs, Jessie patiently cared for the orphans - even allowing them to suckle his teats.
He now uses goats to suckle calves until they reach 150-200 pounds.
The study of 128 mammal species, including humans, shows that brain growth in babies is determined by the duration of pregnancy and how long they suckle.