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Given the French people have blockaded sea ports and suchlike over what we would consider very trivial problems you can be sure that had their Government supported Tony Blair in his mad dash to ingratiate himself with George Bush, then the entire French nation would have ground to a halt.
It's a view Jack should harness for the good of the country - and propagate from billboards and suchlike featuring La Mirren.
Whatever one's views, this area stands on its own without need for enhancement,just as does the Taj Mahal, theParthenon and suchlike.
It will provide the first opportunity to see the film in this region and while it is a premiere screening, complete with local celebrities, raffle and suchlike, the CTBF committee has decided it will essentially be an informal occasion with the accent very much on the family.
The contract expires in two years' time and there is talk of moving to encourage corporate boxes and suchlike.
Here's my quick guide VISHING: The fraudster calls and pretends to be from your bank, or to be a policeman or suchlike.
Suchlike facilities will be brought at public's doorstep.
No, severally only means "separately", "separate(d) from", "severed from", "apart from", "one after the other", suchlike.
We heard that monguls like Erastus Akingbola and Cecilia Ibru vowed to open at least a branch of Intercontinental Bank and Oceanic Bank in each of the 774 local government councils of Nigeria; instead of encouraging pro-Northern banks like Bank of the North and Habib Bank to enter into competition mode with the Intercontinental Bank, the Oceanic Bank, and suchlike Southern banks, the CBN Governor preferred the route of stifling progression.
I have attended a number of Tyne and Wear transport forums of various levels, where people were asked to give feedback on the funding and internal layout of rolling stock and suchlike.
The French and German people preferred horseradish as a condiment: Gerard states '…the Horse Radish stamped with a little vinegar put thereto, is commonly used among the Germans for sauce to eate fish with and suchlike meates as we do with mustarde'.
Look", I said, "all she does is defend minorities and women and suchlike who're anyway looking for one way tickets to Norway or Sweden or one of those Goody Two Shoes countries".
His lair is littered with Rubik cubes and suchlike, while famous songs of the decade from Madonna et al are crowbarred onto the soundtrack.
His lair is littered with Rubik cubes and suchlike, while famous w suchlike songs of the decade from Madonna et al are crowbarred onto the soundtrack.
Just like in Yemen, the cabal of US warmongers led by the Wahhabist-Zionist allies chose to invade Syria too - with a helping hand from terror proxies - ISIL, Al-Qaeda, and suchlike.