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shaking a person to determine whether a large amount of liquid is present in a body cavity

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Concentrate diluted in ethanol was again diluted (1:100) in ethanol 87% (Similia[R]) and vortexed 2 min at 3,200 rpm (Benchmark mixer[TM], Benchmark Scientific Inc.) to get a final mother tincture, from which, decimal (D, 1:10) and centesimal (C, 1:100) homeopathic dynamizations were prepared by successive dilution and succussion process (3,200 rpm, 2 min, Benchmark mixer[TM], Benchmark Scientific Inc.) until reach dynamization 1D (1:10) and 7C (1:1014).
Succussion splash was seen in 69.2% of patients with cicatrising duodenal ulcer.
The piezoelectric effect induced by digoxin mediated sodium potassium ATPase inhibition can generate cellular succussion and the molecular electromagnetic traces can get stored in electric dipoles of water.
The same scene after succussion is on Fig.4 right).
Physical exam was unremarkable except for a mildly distended abdomen and the presence of a succussion splash on auscultation.
Succussion or a magnetic B-field will do the imprinting.
'You take a toxic substance, dilute it and put it through what we call the succussion process.
Homeopathic remedies are made by succussion. The succussion of an herb is as follows: the herb is pulverized into a mass in a mortar; the mass is then dissolved into alcohol (if that is the correct agent for that particular herb; water or other substances are used also).
A higher, 12X potency would have gone through this process 12 times -- serial dilution followed by succussion.
A succussion splash and shifting dullness were noted, and there was pedal edema.
The only positive finding on abdominal examination was a succussion splash.
The pre-requisites for enrolment included persistent vomiting of undigested food, gastric succussion splash heard 3-4 hours after the last meal, visible gastric peristalsis or palpably distended and hypertrophied stomach, overnight fasting gastric aspirate of more than 200 cc and saline load test (Goldstein) of more than 400 mL remnant.
Rajendra Prakash Upadhyay and Chaturbhuja Nayak in New Delhi also looked for nanoparticles in homeopathic medicines, but they focused on silica structures to investigate the "silica hypothesis." David Anick of Harvard Medical School and John Ives of the Samueli Institute hypothesized, in 2007, that silica particles were released from glass vials during succussion. Succussion (vigorous shaking/agitation) is a crucial step in the making of homeopathic medicines, and these medicines have always been made in glass vials.