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Both mother tinctures were succussed and diluted (1:10) to have the dynamization 1D of each formulation.
Scientists from South Africa's Durban University of Technology performed this in vitro study to determine the effects of various succussed and unsuccussed homoeopathically prepared Arsenic trioxide (Arsenicum album) on human T-lymphocytes grown in tissue culture.
In homeopathy, crude drug substance is diluted and triturated or succussed to increase its potency by virtue of which, only the medicinal power of the substance is retained and drug related side-effects are eliminated.
This thumping process was called "succussion" Then one part of that diluted mixture was diluted again with a hundred parts of water, and succussed. This dilution process was performed 30 times in succession to get a 30C remedy, where C means 100, having two zeroes.
In homeopathy, a substance can be diluted and succussed many times and today, the Society of Homeopaths say that each new homeopathic medicine is used by volunteers or until they experience symptoms, which are recorded in detail.
(48) A substance that has been diluted and succussed according to the detailed instructions in the ORGANON is known as a homeopathic remedy, although any substance diluted or not can be used homeopathically or--according to the law of similars--to treat disease.
One drop of the mother tincture is put into a bottle of water or alcohol and succussed, or rapped against a hard surface, 100 times.
For example, one drop of a tincture is diluted with ten drops of water and succussed to make a 1X potency.
These mixtures also have to be vigorously shaken ("succussed") in a carefully prescribed manner in order to activate them.
The subjects were randomly assigned to receive either Arsenicum album 30C or a succussed placebo control.