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Study design: Antiviral activity of Bioaron C[R], an herbal medicinal product consisting of an aqueous extract of Aloe arborescens Mill., Vitamin C, and Aronia melanocarpa Elliot, succus, added as an excipient, was tested in vitro against a broad panel of viruses involved in upper respiratory tract infections.
The freshly collected succus entericus or bile was drained into a sterile bag and reinfused back to the distal limb of the fistula through a Foley catheter at specific rate in accordance with the stoma output.
One of the more commonly used products is Gencydo[R], an aqueous quince extract (Cydonia oblonga fructus 1:2.1) combined with lemon juice (Citrus limon succus).
During the operation the right colon was noted to have perforated into the tumor, with succus entericus grossly visible.