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Synonyms for succumb



Synonyms for succumb

to give in from or as if from a gradual loss of strength

to suddenly lose all health or strength

Synonyms for succumb

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Euro Could Succumb to ECB's Neutral Stance, Weak Data Japanese Yen Volatility Likely on Currency Intervention Threat British Pound Forecast Depends on Consumer Price Index Report Swiss Franc Forecast Neutral Given Major SNB Headwinds Canadian Dollar Direction To Come From Inflation Data Australian Dollar May Simply Consolidate After RBA-Induced Rally New Zealand Dollar Rally Surviving on Borrowed Time and Strength
Many of the maladies to which countless law enforcement personnel succumb refer to "modifiable risk factors," which means that health conditions and related costs can be affected.
Physicians can attest that many patients eventually succumb to cancer long after seemingly successful treatment.
Summary: US Dollar Could Succumb to Weak Fundamental Forces This Week Euro On Edge As Eastern European Countries Threaten Renewed Crisis Japanese YenEoe1/4aos Safe Haven.
Many persons who abuse substances or who succumb to disabling illness or injury and who therefore indulge in self-destructive behavior, see the future as having only devastation and calamity.