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a juicy appetizingness

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Succulence of leaves submitted to the largest doses of Cd, Cu and Zn fell by approximately half the amount observed in non-stressed plants (Figure 3).
Today dry-aged meat is a meat lover's dream, featuring succulence and flavor that no other meat can match.
Generally, salinity increased leaf succulence, delayed growth, lower quantities of specific enzymes, total protein and nucleic acids, while the specific activities and concentrations remain constant in accordance with slower growth rate [67, 78].
Call me a naive old fool if you will, but I'd expected a small fat burger - a burger that would provide texture and taste and succulence in a couple of mouthfuls.
Jason added: "The new burgers, which as far as I know have never been made commercially before, blend the marvellous succulence and tenderness of the Welsh Black Beef, which I source from a farmer close to Bodnant, and the dark, rich and malty flavour of the beer.
at iron to a Denver steak - which o'er great taste, succulence and value.
The bresola was the superior option as the scallops were a little chewy and lacked that wonderful sweet succulence we were hoping for.
The company, which prides itself on its innovation and long-term development partnerships with household manufacturers, already supplies many complimentary ingredients to the meat industry, including Deliquess, which increases succulence whilst simultaneously reducing fat; Complex, a wheat protein used to bind and emulsify; and Ezimoist, for effective tumbling and injection of meat products.
But in the categories of succulence, taste and cost, skirt steak takes the crown, no contest.
You need a bit of fat to add flavour and succulence to the meat.
The succulence of the various fillings gives clear evidence of the care taken in the choice of ingredients and preparation.
Steam cooking is not only a healthy way of preparing vegetables, as vitamin and mineral levels are maintained, but a great way to ensure the succulence of meat and fish, especially through slow cooking which offers tenderness without the risk of over-cooking.
ISLAMABAD -- A Sindh mango festival being organised in the Malaysian capital tomorrow (Tuesday) is set to draw hoards of followers of this mouth-watering Pakistani fruit given its rich taste and succulence that has held generations of fruit lovers tied to it regardless of where they go or live on the globe.
Skipped the green succulence splitting the betel-pied sidewalk
As it affects the succulence and tenderness of the finished products as well as economic aspects of the operation, monitoring water-binding capacity is priority for the fish industry.