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a female demon believed to have sexual intercourse with sleeping men

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All participants who register their eligible motherboard will be instantly notified if they win Heroes of the Storm Kerrigan Hero and Succubus skin and will be automatically entered into the monthly lucky draw, prizes include motherboards, mice, and headsets.
The traditional description of a succubus is that of a demon that sits on one's chest when one is sleeping, often to torment, crush or steal the soul of the person while they sleep.
25 FOLLOWING on their 2014 debut single Succubus, Demob Happy is on a 21-date UK tour, which reaches Liverpool tonight.
For example, he called David Cameron a 'shiny-chinned succubus of the damned' and he likened George Osbourne to 'a novelty key ring' but he meant both in a loving way.
For F example, he called David Cameron a "shiny-chinned succubus of the damned".
For example, he called David Cameron a "shiny-chinned succubus of the damned" and has likened George Osborne to "a novelty key ring" but he meant both in a loving way.
and it shows; not because the stories aren't effective, but because the evocative metaphorical power of a poet is evident in description and atmosphere: "Landusky was new and had been pumped into being by the succubus of gold.
In the end, each author has to create his own poetics, lest he be content to be the succubus or the acolyte of a teacher.
A finely rendered demon with what appears to be a peyote button for a head mounts a pneumatic succubus, the latter in ecstasy, her back arched, her forked tongue flicking out.
25 and 64) Henry sends a succubus that will drain the life forces from its victims, so Ichabod and Abbie set out to stop it.
Found in almost every culture and language on Earthfrom the Babylonians' Lilitu, a succubus who thrived on babies, to the irontoothed Asasabonsam of the Ashanti peoples of Ghanathe legend of bloodsucking creatures of the night may be traced back thousands of years.
Because it is slightly preposterous, following the adventures of Bo (Anna Silk), a bisexual succubus who feeds on the sexual energy of humans.
It has become a kind of succubus on our national life" (41).
The Babylonian Talmud, by contrast, describes Lilith as a winged succubus (Niddah 24b; Shabbat 151b).
Her real or putative crimes as scapegoat are castigated, while her powers as succubus or witch are lauded, the imaginative existence of such a woman positing an amazingly ancient equality between men and women.