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a female demon believed to have sexual intercourse with sleeping men

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Perhaps there is more to their creation than mad science but their failure to behave as intended underscores the lack of success inherent within the Nazi searches for 'perfect weapons.' These Totenkorps must ultimately be removed from service while the succubus of The Devil's Rock kills more German soldiers than the Allies.
Of course, if you believe that Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a demon succubus in a jabot, you will hate this book, and I hope your child's teacher reads it to them just to spite you.
A two-time winner of the Parsec Short Story Contest, Levenson's other novels include "The Celibate Succubus," "Max & Me" and "Year of the Human."
A succubus was a female demon supposed to have the same effect upon a sleeping man (minus the monstrous physical issue).
Recommend this one to high schoolers looking for a different kind of romance as there is a sex scene, but any moments of Harlequin-like narration are hilariously overshadowed by the inept Lici attempting to complete her succubus duties and horribly, and humiliatingly, failing in the process.
Links to vampirism are also explored in relation to women who died in childbirth, mythical figures such as the succubus and, as discussed by James E.
The folklore of every culture includes supernatural figures like the incubus and succubus, which assault the sleeper sexually, or the Old Hag, which paralyzes its victims and sucks their breath away.
The individuals share personal experience narratives about what is frequently called sleep paralysis, but is often also connected to the traditional belief of the succubus. Beliefs in supernatural nightmare visitors such as the succubus are found in a number of cultures and have a variety of names associated with them.
East Village Arts Club - from 7pm PS7.25 FOLLOWING on their 2014 debut single Succubus, Demob Happy is on a 21-date UK tour, which reaches Liverpool tonight.
For example, he called David Cameron a 'shiny-chinned succubus of the damned' and he likened George Osbourne to 'a novelty key ring' but he meant both in a loving way.
For F example, he called David Cameron a "shiny-chinned succubus of the damned".
For example, he called David Cameron a "shiny-chinned succubus of the damned" and has likened George Osborne to "a novelty key ring" but he meant both in a loving way.
and it shows; not because the stories aren't effective, but because the evocative metaphorical power of a poet is evident in description and atmosphere: "Landusky was new and had been pumped into being by the succubus of gold.
In the end, each author hasto create his own poetics, lest he be content to be the succubus or theacolyte of a teacher.