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a female demon believed to have sexual intercourse with sleeping men

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Quando insegnavo all'Universita, avevo l'impressione che quei ragazzi, anche molto intelligenti, fossero succubi della figura paterna.
The more of these they appear to have than the men around them, the more they're known as "man-haters," "bitches," or succubi.
Once again his actions have allowed all footballers to be portrayed as modern-day Caligulas - cruel, lavish-spending, sexual tyrants - but what about this breed of modern-day succubi - female demons who seduce men and bleed them dry?
A fellow poster - "leapoffaith" - replied: "I believe the scratch marks are caused by succubi or incubi.
Secondo Francese, Eco con i suoi romanzi costituisce un esempio di sottomissione al potere egemonico in quanto i suoi protagonisti soffrono di un complesso edipico che li rende incapaci di ribellarsi ai 'padri' e di conseguenza li rende succubi del potere, giacche alla fine vi si sottomettono cosi da diventarne gli eredi.
Antiquity provides us with shape-shifting, blood-sucking succubi (the Greek empousa or Latin lamia), maidens who return from the dead to fulfill their thwarted sexual destiny, and witches who either resuscitate the dead for prophetic purposes or surreptitiously remove vital organs, leaving the apparently intact victim to die shortly afterwards.
11) In any case, whether there is any physical basis for claiming that laudanum made sensory perceptions exquisitely acute, or encouraged synaesthesia, distorted time and space, or called to mind particular imagery, such as reptilian monsters, ticking clocks, ice and fire, and succubi, it certainly is possible to see patterns of such imagery in literary works by known opium users.
Each one can be read as an exquisite eulogy for those who don't survive the disasters of our time--unless they become vampires or succubi.
The inconsistency of the Renaissance authors in addressing the problem of the shape of angels and demons becomes much greater when the reference is to monsters, witches, incubi, and succubi.
Sinistrari focused on sodomy practiced, according to his opinion, by women too, and on the difference between incubi and succubi.
Thus incubi, or demons who insert a sexual member into a human body, appear about nine times as often in demonological works as succubi, which are sexually receptive creatures.
His bachelor apartment reeked with the fumes of holy tapers, left burning all night to discourage succubi and "ecclesiastical larvae" (presumably the ghosts of defrocked priests).