succinic acid

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a dicarboxylic acid (C4H6O4) active in metabolic processes

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According to the company, Myriant's bio-succinic acid is made from renewable feedstocks and is chemically equivalent to petroleum-based succinic acid while also providing a lower environmental footprint.
The occurrence of succinic acid concentrations higher than those of citric acid in the pulp in the aforementioned work can be a result of the employed extraction method, which might have favored the extraction of the succinic acid.
Analysis of single compound model cheese and N-1 model cheese revealed that glutamic and succinic acids played the largest role in umami perception.
One Captomer pill contains 65 mg of succinic acid. Patient 2 was taking three Captomer pills per day initially, and later three pills per week.
WOAs, such as adipic or succinic acid, serve as activator compounds in many fluxes, especially in no-clean fluxes.
The MS/MS product ion scans obtained by infusion of 20 [micro]mol/L succinic acid and MMA di-n-butyl esters are shown in Fig.
The consortium is currently developing improved methods for converting corn-derived glucose into succinic acid. It can be used to manufacture polymers, clothing fibers and other products.
In peach cultivars, five organic acids were identified: malic acid, tartaric acid, citric acid, succinic acid and fumaric acid (Table 2).
In this study, a total of eight organic acids including oxalic acid, citric acid, tartaric acid, malic acid, succinic acid, lactic acid, fumaric acid, and acetic acid were identified.
Succinic Acid Market by Type (Bio-based, Petro-based), Application (Polyurethane, Resins, Coatings & Pigments, Pharmaceuticals, Plasticizers, Food & Beverage, PBS/PBST, Solvents & Lubricants, De-Icer Solutions, Personal Care, and Others), and by Region - Global Forecast to 2021
The results were particularly exciting for Baltic amber and amber from the Canadian High Arctic, which showed internal crosslinking of the polymer matrix by succinic acid. "Although these succinic acid cross-linkages were first hypothesized in 1972, no one has been able to show definitive proof," she says.
The company has received the honour for the development and commercialisation of its biobased succinic acid platform.
In the present work, we have attempted to synthesize a new class of poly(mannitol citric dicarboxylate) [p(MCD)] copolyesters from mannitol, citric acid (CA), and dicarboxylic acids (DAs) such as succinic acid, adipic acid, and sebacic acid.
(Plymouth, Minnesota): Integrated Production and Downstream Applications of Biobased Succinic Acid (Small Business Award).