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terseness and economy in writing and speaking achieved by expressing a great deal in just a few words

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Similarly, his writing style combined an enviable command of his subjects with clarity and succinctness.
Verna Kale's Ernest Hemingway reminds us that succinctness offers its own formal pleasures by resisting digression and not spinning its wheels with undue elaboration.
It may help to have another person review the items for clarity and succinctness.
Similarly, the succinctness, relevance, and rigor of the research articles that have been published in the journal on vision rehabilitation therapy and orientation and mobility are the reflection of the contributions by Maureen, who first started as an Associate Editor in 2009, and Steve, who has been with us "only" since 2012.
The book would have been more powerful if there were more of theoretical interventions and deliberations from contemporary sports studies, but it can be done only at the cost of readability and succinctness. Nevertheless, what emerges in the final analysis is the history of sports and games in India woven with the history of nation building in India.
This much shorter Martin Clear palindrome, in contrast, is most notable for its clean-cut succinctness:
However, given the succinctness of the writing, reading the text in a linear fashion in one or two sittings is not an impossible task.
Though this argument and the chronological account of the composition of Woolf's novel is not the main focus of the book as a whole, it makes a particularly valuable contribution to Woolf studies in its clarity and succinctness. Latham draws with much care and appreciation on Helen Wussow's manuscript work, on the earlier genetic accounts of scholars, such as Charles Hoffman, more recent accounts of the evolution of Mrs.
Including the year is important, but opt for using the last two digits instead of all four for the sake of succinctness. It's also safest to avoid acronyms, unless they're well established in the industry.
Meanwhile, some further results on succinctness of QFAs have been obtained in [44, 20, 21, 43, 4].
In the case of language recognition, the gap of succinctness between Las Vegas realtime pfas and oneway DFAs can be at most quadratic and this gap is tight [9, 24].
He responded with typical Grossmanian succinctness, saying "We agree."
Palit's succinctness and clarity of writing enhances the book's broad appeal and utility.