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with concise and precise brevity


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His insight into why Borges took a dramatic leap from a dilettante writer to a fully mature one is rendered succinctly in language that could summarize Borges's works: "From now on, he decided, he would invent his own history, making use of esoteric fragments from what he had read.
More succinctly put, how does it feel be an African female educated through the lens of Western idealism and Christian sensibility?
Councilman Herb Wesson put it most succinctly on Tuesday during the reconsideration of the $2.
s Verbal Expense Tracking users are asked to call their assistant at an 800 number and succinctly leave expense and meeting details on the dedicated voicemail.
The roots of these odes can be traced to Living Color's succinctly titled "Bi," with lyrics such as "My lover told me, well, that she's bi.
Francois's orchestration of Bortolami Dayan's unforgivingly oversize main space (which he cut down to more manageable proportions by filling it with a stagelike carpeted plinth sporting a flagpole, succinctly titled White Flag and Carpet Installation, 2006) revealed his keen ability as a stage director, an important skill to have when installing as disparate a collection of objects as were included here.
Mullan describes her work for the League succinctly, "This is my big passion.
Quotes from scripture help to illustrate the points of Prophet or Madman, a succinctly lucid scrutiny of humanity's search for greater connection with the divine.
Divided into short poems "How To Help" and longer prose sections "How It Feels", How To Help A Grieving Friend succinctly describes tested strategies to be of assistance.
The media training I provide to our executive team includes advising them, when asked a question, to answer it as directly and succinctly as possible--and then subtly segue into one of our key messages.
The authors succinctly explain how to build spatial databases and interpret data output.
To sum it up succinctly, people aren't to be "disappeared," tortured, or denied due process of law.
Like most people who watched his confirmation hearings, I admired John Roberts's knowledge of the law--he seems to have memorized every case ever decided by an American court--and his ability to succinctly summarize judicial opinions.
Alexander states this creed most succinctly as follows: the wholeness, defined as the pattern of centres in some part of space, is not only the underlying causative structure in matters of architecture and art--but even the behaviour of sub-atomic particles, electrons, is also governed by this wholeness.
Cooper tells the story succinctly, using only eight dancers and a singer.