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If life once conceives with these similarities, a transformation occurs in reality since the facts are not arranged in a linear successiveness in such a scheme of nature.
In this case, the [California] Attorney General contends that the petition is subject to the procedural bar of successiveness.
Rosalind Krauss describes how he covered his canvas with a grid to eliminate successiveness and to figure forth simultaneity, discarding perspective in order to emphasize the ground (16).
The relationship between judgments of successiveness and judgments of order.
But at a deeper level, his observation ironically suggests an attempt to negate or nullify the successiveness or consecutivity on which the very movement of time depends.
The discourse of masks produces a significant successiveness, which becomes a descriptive text or a narrative text.
The choice of successiveness as the formal trope for the movement of history is itself an important aspect of the philosophical politics of the text.
The novel's predisposition to represent eventful successiveness favors a character born of changing circumstances of self-recognition.
The court, after "reviewing the entire record and considering the unique combination of facts," granted Case a hearing on his second writ, "despite its successiveness.
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