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following one after another in an orderly pattern

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If article 1126 Civil Code provides clearly that the surviving spouse, the privileged descendants and ascendants of the deceased are heirs, per a contrario, the other heirs with successional vocation are heirs who do not have a seizin.
The aim of this study was to evaluate the influence of two different types of soil cover, pasture and native forest, and four different successional stages of Atlantic Forest, on the edaphic arthropod community.
Chestnut-sided warblers (Setophaga pensylvanica) breed in early successional deciduous forests in the northeastern United States (Byers et al.
1996; CHAZDON, 2008), which implies replacement of species and decrease in plant density with increase in the successional time towards later stages, due to competition, mainly for space (CROTTEAU et al.
In this study we examine successional patterns of diversity in multiple trophic levels of organisms in Great Lakes sand dune early successional chronosequences (i.
We then evaluated differences in lateral distribution of vegetation across the floodplain to understand how tolerances to inundation and successional patterns were influenced by distance from the river and concomitant changes in elevation.
s] increased significantly at 0-6 cm soil depth along four successional time series (pasture, secondary forest of 5-8 years, secondary forest of 12-15 years, secondary forest >100 years) in the humid tropics.
We used a combination of experimental and observational approaches to study shifts in ant-diaspore interactions across a successional gradient in the Atlantic Forest of Southern Brazil.
But at the second site, the team determined that "species performance" was the successional process dominating plant establishment and survival, since the native plants at the site were outnumbered by their invasive neighbors.
Fort Drum is dominated by early successional forest (aspen, birch, cherry) of varying ages; Partridge Run exhibits older, later successional forest (elm, ash, maple) with some thick coverts and overgrown apple orchards.
Transmission ROW are linear corridors that often traverse contiguous forests, thereby making these ROW extremely valuable for bird species requiring early successional habitats (Bramble et al.
The Karner blue is an endangered species that inhabits early successional oak savanna and pine barrens ranging from New Hampshire to Wisconsin.
Variable importance metrics indicated that a corrected Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVIc) and terrain variables improved discrimination of forest successional types and wetlands in the study area.