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Throughout my entire research process I focused on answering two main guiding questions: (1) what are the common factors of low-SES homes from which children are able to achieve academic success, and (2) do some low-SES children succeed simply because they are resilient and would succeed no matter what type of home they were in?
I plan to transfer in two years, and I believe that Multipurpose will provide me with the tools necessary to succeed once I do so.
Yes, however, only with proactive media relations strategies, relationships and meaningful information will you succeed.
In spite of the many barriers which exist, the college student with a learning disability must learn to deal with these problems if they are to succeed in the work force.
Therefore, as a matter of law, the nephew had no entitlement to succeed to the former rent controlled tenancy.
While Biden supports the SUCCEED concept, he is, as of this writing, reluctant to earmark specific funding for the program.
I told Mike I want him to succeed because it makes us a better team,'' Murray said.
Ronna Lichtenberg wrote Pitch Like A Girl: How A Woman Can Be Herself And Still Succeed to help women learn to promote themselves and get what they want in business and in life.
Although a debtor may succeed to an estate's NOLs when the estate terminates, Sec.
Suzanne Rowland will succeed Nicholas Gutwein as global business director for adhesives and sealants.
This explains why French experts are scouring the 1992 Maastricht Treaty, which created the EMU, to see whether it leaves room for Noyer to succeed Duisenberg if--as now seems to be the case--the ECB president remains in the post well into the second half of his term.
The authors succeed in providing a comprehensive overview of the Victorian concept of "service" and explain how this influenced the BBC in its efforts to provide programs that would impart "high culture" on the listener.
It is during this final stage that tenants or business are evaluated to determine if they are to the point of stability to graduate, to move into the marketplace, and to succeed on their own.
1,500,000 to the University of Manchester, the University of Birmingham and the University of Nottingham to replicate the Masterclass program, which prepares talented secondary school students from disadvantaged urban backgrounds to enroll and succeed at top universities across the UK.
And if they succeed, cable prices will soar, consumers will suffer and diversity in cable programming will all but disappear.