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a loudspeaker that is designed to reproduce very low bass frequencies

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The Parts Express subwoofer kit, designed by Vance Dickason of "Loudspeaker Cookbook" fame, is advertised as taking less than an hour to assemble.
When we set out to develop new subwoofer technology, our primary goal was to make it possible for lifestyle consumer electronics manufacturers to actually integrate deep bass into their products, eliminating the need for a separate subwoofer component.
An entirely new standard in elite sound reproduction, this incredible new subwoofer from QSC combined advanced science with unrivalled simplicity.
This type of subwoofer is a self-contained speaker or amplifier configuration in which the characteristics of the amplifier and subwoofer are optimally matched and both are encased in the same enclosure.
The T388 is a compact speaker bar coupled with a subwoofer which creates a room-filling virtual surround sound that brings entertainment to life.
The bass reflex subwoofer is 23-percent larger in volume than the two-way three speakers.
Amplifiers: Cerwin-Vega Mobile subwoofers have gained acclaim for their legendary combination of high output and ridiculous power handling.
The design involved a large enclosure, a massive 12-inch driver (I do not use the word "massive" casually), a powerful built-in amplifier, and a tunable, ported configuration that allowed the subwoofer to strongly reach down to 20 Hz.
As the system is relatively compact and slim, Sony anticipates initial consumer skepticism regarding the level of bass the subwoofer will generate.
The main unit, pictured above, is a great looking piece of kit and feels really well put together, the speakers and subwoofer are not quite as nice but when the system is in full swing I don't think you'll be complaining.
1 multichannel audio system comprises 4 self-powered satellites, a clip-on or freestanding center channel and a tremendously powerful subwoofer for performance to match the needs of today's gamers and movie buffs.
Se llaman I-Trigue y son un sistema estereo con una configuracion de dos satelites para las frecuencias altas y un subwoofer para las bajas (tambien conocido como 2.
Cada sistema esta equipado con dos bocinas compactas que ofrecen una combinacion de audios medios y altos, ademas de un subwoofer de madera para bajos profundos y sonoros que optimizan el rendimiento de los sistemas de bocinas que no cuentan con un subwoofer.
Photo: (1 -- color) Mario Barrazo prepares a subwoofer speaker driver at the new Chatsworth location of M&K Sound.
Square subwoofer technology increases output on KICKER SoloBaric L7 subwoofers from Stillwater Designs, Stillwater, OK -- enough to give users the equivalent performance of the next size larger speaker.