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a train that runs in a subway system

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New Delhi [India], May 18 ( ANI ): A man hanging (in a literal sense) in the Boston subway train is breaking the Internet.
She originally believed her bag had been stolen on the train and was shocked to discover that there is no CCTV on Subway trains.
Summary: A bomb blast tore through a subway train in Russia's second-largest city Monday, killing 10 people and injuring about 40 as President Vladimir Putin was visiting St.
NEW YORK, Safar 08, 1438, November 08, 2016, SPA -- A woman was crushed to death by a subway train Monday in New York City after another woman pushed her onto the tracks at the bustling station beneath Times Square, police said, according to AP.
Riders on the subway train were locked in close quarters with the critters for half an hour during rush hour on Wednesday evening after a passenger pulled the train's emergency brake while they were on the Manhattan Bridge.
A subway train bumped into another one ahead of it at a station in southern Rome on Friday, throwing passengers to the floor and injuring a dozen people.
THE TAKING OF PELHAM 123 Film4 9PM John Travolta holds New York to ransom by hijacking a subway train. Denzel Washington listens to Travolta swear - a heckuva lot - in disengaged update of a terse 1974 thriller.
The London club have already endured trouble with racism among their support in recent weeks, with British and French authorities still investigating an incident in which travelling Chelsea fans stopped a black man from boarding a subway train in Paris before a Champions League game.
They also gauged the subway train's crowd density based on the number of mobile users in each train.
The fatal accident took place on July 15 during the morning rush hour as three cars of a subway train derailed inside a tunnel between the Molodezhnaya and Slavyansky Bulvar stations on the dark blue Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line.
Taipei: A knife-wielding attacker went on a stabbing spree aboard a Taipei subway train Wednesday, killing four people and wounding 21 others, police said.
The officer, who has been named as Gustavo Chaparro, caught the man by his shirt as he allegedly attempted to jump in front of the oncoming subway train.
A Brooklyn, New York, woman is being hailed as a hero for saving two men from the path of an oncoming subway train on December 6, reported the Daily News.
Greek riot police stormed a subway train depot in Athens early on Friday to disperse striking subway staff who defied a government order to return to work for a ninth consecutive day, a police official said.
A WOMAN accused of pushing an immigrant from India to his death in front of a New York subway train has been charged with murder as a hate crime.