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a train that runs in a subway system

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In the accident, another subway train ran into the derailed carriage, causing the death of four commuters and injuring 35.
2147 2nd Avenue is located two blocks from the 110th Street station of the 6 subway train and is within walking distance of Jefferson Park.
LOS ANGELES - A man found Sunday under a Red Line subway train was treated for minor injuries, but it was not clear how he was hurt, a Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman said.
It won numerous honors, including three Peabody Awards, the most recent of them last year for an episode about a commuter pushed beneath a subway train.
The new game gives the feeling of actual motion in high-speed car chases and moving subway train shoot outs, and features a new level not included in the arcade version, called Saturn Way.
This building is located in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, within a ten minute walk of the 5 subway train at the Saratoga stop.
Wynton Marsalis, right, and other jazz musicians perform a number of Duke Ellington tunes on a moving subway train between Harlem's 125th Street and Columbus Circle stations.
The MTA will proceed with a plan for a completely redesigned South Ferry subway station that will accommodate the full length of a typical 10-car subway train, rather than the five-car platform that exists at present.
In this case, it shows us how Helen's life would be different if she had caught a London subway train instead of just missing it.
11, Steven Ford was riding a Downtown subway train when it began to fill with smoke.
Then he'd return to a clubhouse that was more crowded than a New York subway train at rush hour.
23, 1976; the ashes of longtime patron Phil Kennedy; a letter from Joan Crawford on her personal stationery; a trapdoor to 55th Street used during Prohibition as a way to get buckets full of beer through; and a backlit sign from a Brooklyn-Queens subway train.
All those years, we imagined our scaly green hero chilling in his crib, chomping on the occasional passenger-choked subway train to a steady diet of '60s and '70s soul, a little Miles, Ornette and Coltrane, and lots of witty dub reggae on the box.
Harris told a group of plans to place a `globe' of bubonic plague toxins in a New York subway station, where it would be broken by a passing subway train, causing hundreds of thousands of deaths.
Queens and Brooklyn are unique geographic centers richly fed by sophisticated transportation systems (advancing, as in the JFK monorail and the potential intermodel connecting JFK and LaGuardia Airports to Manhattan), and the new "Q" subway train line connecting Long Island City to Roosevelt Island and East 63rd Street in Manhattan.