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a token that is used to pay for entry to the subway system

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If we're in the politically correct rough (on the left, of course), as we were in 1993, we could grab the "Politics Make For Ugly Art" iron and enjoy digging a nice divot in the turf of the putatively marginalized "Other." And if the allegedly national (but in fact LA and NYC heavy) biennial of two years back seems about as sea-to-shining-sea as a New York City subway token, we might take a cut with our "New York Parochialism" wedge and get the air of neglected regionalists under the ball.
Six months later, in a crime that seemed inspired by a scene from Columbia Pictures' movie The Money Train, two men torched a New York City subway token booth, killing the attendant.
The seminars were sponsored by a large social services agency in the city; they were free and the parents were even given subway fare to attend--at the end of every meeting the moderator would pass around a sign-up sheet and distribute subway tokens. There was always a pot of coffee waiting for us, and a generous assortment of snacks spread out on the table--Entenmann's donuts, Cheese Nips, Oreos and big healthy-looking bunches of fresh green grapes.
When Amy Elizabeth comes from Houston to visit her grandmother in New York City, the two use subway tokens (RIP) to get to Chinatown, have hot chocolate at Rumpelmayer's (RIP), and eat a hundred pickled tomatoes at the Carnegie Deli (RIP), The watercolor illustrations look old-fashioned, too.
I picked up a unique bracelet made from old New York subway tokens.
In 1999, a class-action suit was brought against New York City because mentally ill individuals were routinely released from prison in dangerous neighborhoods in the middle of the night with 2 subway tokens and $1.50 in cash.
The top ticket price was $1.65--the price of 33 subway tokens, nowadays the equivalent of $66.
He burns free drinks and subway tokens from friends, and occasionally lies to women about being a TV producer or a music executive.
On her website, Kazman features cufflinks made from old subway tokens, and striking earrings made from typewriter keys, vintage Scrabble pieces and former watch clockworks.
(Final question: Who pays for the chewing gum, subway tokens, and shoeshines?)
Then there was the company that ran a free laundry service for its work force, and another that had a full-time concierge to buy subway tokens for company personnel so that they wouldn't have to wait in long lines.
I'm 21, with twenty dollars and two subway tokens in my pocket, greedy
You are not yet down to subway tokens. In fact, you have $12 million left.