subway system

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an electric railway operating below the surface of the ground (usually in a city)

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Los Angeles' residential and commercial cores are not pulsating in one central location; Los Angeles is here, there and everywhere, with density, urban centers and attractions dispersed throughout the basin, and the cost of a subway system that connects this region is simply not feasible.
This is why the Sao Paulo Subway System uses customized surveillance solutions from GVI that allow us to monitor our administrative offices and train parking areas more effectively and provide greater security to the assets and operations of our subway system," said Arnaldo P.
The subway system will terminate in Studio City and North Hollywood, and congest those neighborhoods with overflowing Park and Ride lots.
Recent deliveries of Bombardier products into the New York/New Jersey region include M-7 electric multiple units (EMU) to MTA/Metro-North Railroad and MTA/ Long Island Rail Road, the AirTrain JFK automated transit system at JFK International Airport, NJ TRANSIT's RiverLINE light rail transit system operated in southern New Jersey, and 1,030 R142 rapid-transit cars for the subway system operated by MTA/New York City Transit.
More jobs means greater use of the subway system, especially at peak rush hours, on top of the increased ridership generated by successful MTA programs such as Metrocard.
An extension of the subway system to Sepulveda Boulevard is still listed as an option.
While the subway system adheres to a traditional graphics program and mosaic art motifs, this station needed more than that; it needed a new identity to express the razzle-dazzle spirit of Times square.
In the end, the MTA and Bradley failed, leaving the expanded subway system in its current disarray.
Logistically, Newark has always been a natural "second banana" to New York City, with its excellent PATH and New Jersey Transit service, buses to every section of the state and to New York, its own subway system, and one of the country's largest international airports.
This is how the tracks are put in place for the end-of-the-line station in the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's subway system.
Tugade, however, is asking partners from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to expedite the project to allow the public to enjoy the benefits of a subway system earlier.
The country's first subway system will be up for President Duterte's approval next month ahead of the planned signing of the loan agreement between the Philippine and Japanese governments in November, the country's chief economist said.
Founded in 2011, DMS operates and commercialises static and digital media in the subway system of Rio de Janeiro.
Its current network encompasses the subway system of SA[pounds sterling]o Paulo and over 1,500 screens in commercial establishments such as gyms, bars, restaurants and coffee shops across Brazil.
The subway system in Monterrey was featured in news reports in early December because of a brief strike by a group of more than 100 train operators and other employees who were demanding better working conditions, including the negotiation of a collective-bargaining contract and a commitment by management to address some safety and structural problems in the system.