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the fare charged for riding a subway train

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To assess whether or not the participants were involved in the scenario, we asked them "Do the officials of Administration A seek for public views before they enact the subway fare policy?
Politicians also insisted that the nickel subway fare was essential and should never be raised, which it never was until the government took over the system and raised the fare to a dime in 1948 and later to 15 cents in 1953.
At the same time, a subway fare hike in March did not inspire confidence that congestion pricing would ease the burden on transit riders.
50 subway fare jumpers, arraigning them in mobile units only to find that a third had open arrest warrants.
He empowered the police to arrest perpetrators of small crimes--such as subway fare beating--and discovered they were also wanted for more serious crimes, like robbery and rape.
Monthly Expenses Discretionary Expenses Housing and maintenance costs College fund Car payment Vacation fund Groceries Dream fund (or you-name-it fund) Bus, train, or subway fare Meals out and entertaining Child care/tuition Babysitters Life insurance Cab fare and rental cars Disability insurance Housecleaning help Health insurance Facials, manicure, massage Auto insurance Clothing and jewelry Credit card payments Health club/sports equipment Student loan payments Charitable contributions Personal care (haircuts, dry cleaning) Gifts
Instead, he chooses to try to earn enough money to rent a room for a night by begging subway fare and then riding to the loading docks in the Bronx: "If I am lucky I can make twenty dollars unloading trucks for the day.
Beame decided there was another important use for federal construction dollars--as operations subsidies to save the city's 35-cent subway fare.
Muss Development LLC, whose storied history in the Big pie predates the 5-cent subway fare, Ebbetts Field, the Empire State Building and the Coney Island Boardwalk and spans four generations, celebrated its 100th anniversary last month with a gala party hosted at one of its signature projects--the New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge.
He said others have ranged from subway fare hike opposition to calls for the Olympic Games to be held in New York.
Pataki also intends to wring more savings by taking money from college tuition assistance programs, hiking the subway fare by a quarter, and double-bunking inmates in state prisons.
A Remote Control For Your Life" - Imagine a cell phone that pays your subway fare, eases your way through airport security, and remotely manages your home.
I wouldn't trust you with my subway fare, much less a $50 million investment.
A classic case was that of Mayor Robert Wagner, who floated a large bond issue to build a Second Avenue subway, but used the proceeds to keep the city-wide subway fare at 5 cents for a few more years.