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disloyalty by virtue of subversive behavior

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Whether this is done for reasons of global marketing or subversiveness, or as a result of internalization, this Western gaze is, according to Radovic, best researched and approached from a transnational perspective.
Gaskell's wholesome and conventional personae which both enables her to create subversive tales and obscures their subversiveness for later audiences.
It's not conventional and it's full of subversiveness; this mixture of warmth with the unsavoury or unseemly must be encouraging the younger generation as it lives in the older generation.
Because of this, Deleuzeans will surely be tempted to conclude that Lumsden does not fully appreciate the real uniqueness and subversiveness of Deleuze's challenge to Hegel.
Fittingly, Stephen Glynn's book on the film grapples with these contradictions, identifying threads of both commercialism and subversiveness, of cultural specificity and broader universality, within Quadrophenia.
An electric current of subversiveness ran through these concerts, as Bernstein seemed almost to reach inside the psyches of his listeners and unlock the barriers between them and music.
And despite prevailing notions of either subversiveness or subordinated models, Narveson demonstrates how the paradox of "guided reading" invites readers to engage directly with the text in order to find a sense of connection with it, without the guidance necessarily controlling the response.
This is the path I wish to follow in order to look again at the play's ambivalent subversiveness. I will first address the representation of patriarchal authority, whose pervasive destabilization still resonates after the witches' inversions of social and sexual hierarchies have been set straight.
Artists' responsiveness to architecture, their critical modes of reading the Soviet past, and their strategies of self-organization as a means of resistance, along with my interest in the efficiency and subversiveness of the performative, led to another project in one of the most stunning buildings in the country: the former headquarters of the Ministry of Roads, designed in 1975 by architects George Chakhava and Zurab Jalaghania.
But what's a man and his teenage daughter to do in the face of such subversiveness? Form our own group, that's what.
Similarly, some will raise objections that, in mounting a critique of BDSM's subversiveness dressed in the language of academic theory and from the subject position of an anthropologist (albeit a 'queer, SM-friendly', non-BDSM-practicing one), Weiss downplays the degree to which committed BDSM participants are already aware of, and working through, the problems she highlights regarding the proximity and inextricability of fantasy, SM play, and real instances of social injustice.
criticism of Iran's human rights record, its sponsorship of Persian language media broadcasts such as Voice of America, and the power of Hollywood are all symbols of America's cultural-cum-political subversiveness. In other words, Khamenei feels threatened not only by what America does, but by what America is.
Is Frame, in other words, indeed valorizing a beyond that would be transcendental or is it the case that her enactments, in writing Plato against himself, posit something of, as Cronin intuits, "a subversiveness beyond what we've formerly imaged" (138)?
(3) On the historical subversiveness of social dance, see Susan McClary (30-33), Paul Gilroy (210), and Gilbert and Pearson (179-84).