subversive activity

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the act of subverting


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Now I work in a program focused on preparing teachers to be successful in multicultural urban settings, and I have recently adopted a concept in my college teaching that I have derived from Postman and Weingartner: "learning as a subversive activity.
And it wasn't because the CIA would now have the beginnings of a dossier for me, should it want one on a nobody in Los Angeles whose most subversive activity is making fun of government in a sharp, yet playful and perfectly legal manner.
The classic book he co-authored with Charles Weingarten, Teaching as a Subversive Activity, (Delacorte Press, 1969) discusses crap detection as fundamental to learning.
The grainy black-and-white films on their web site hint at subversive activity more sinister than dancing, as they are filmed entering buildings, setting up their hi-tech equipment, performing, and then leaving.
Supreme Court Chief Justice) Earl Warren when he argued that the absence of subversive activity by Japanese Americans proved that such activity was just around the corner.
In 1956, the Senate Judiciary Committee concluded that "by far the worst danger spot, from the standpoint of disloyalty and subversive activity among Americans em ployed by international organizations, is UNESCO.
In response to the recent FBI warning of possible subversive activity in the targeting of residential buildings by terrorist organizations, AKAM Associates, Inc.
The Guard's intelligence team zeroed in on Washington State University as the potential epicenter of subversive activity.
Is it, therefore, a feminist act simply to challenge the existing power structure even if such subversive activity apparently reinforces women's subordinate role?