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surrounded by many suburbs

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(2) Employment opportunities are concentrated in the center of Beijing, but the residential population is suburbanized. This enlarges the urban commuting pressure and makes urban traffic congestion an increasingly serious issue.
Like metropolises around the country, economic, ethnic, and racial diversity in Richmond has been substantially suburbanized. One way to experience Richmond is to take a drive along Broad Street, starting in its oldest part and heading west through the city, then into older suburbs, newer suburbs, and the exurbs.
Louis region suburbanized, these suburban commuters began increasingly to work outside the city limits in addition to living outside them.
On the whole, our archers are an amazingly talented force, which we'll depend on more in the future for critical management in ever-more suburbanized areas.
Northern Virginia also became suburbanized, albeit more slowly.
population becomes more suburbanized, it has been suggested that individuals are becoming less knowledgeable about agriculture (Duncan & Broyles, 2006).
Thompson writes: "The South has been urbanized, suburbanized, strip-malled, and land-formed to a point that at times I hardly recognize it anymore." The New Mind of the South offers a wide-ranging picture of the region's current political, social, and economic climate.
And Jews had long been suburbanized and assimilated into the American mainstream.
This restriction avoided comparing rural to urban CBGs because plague tends to occur in rural to lightly suburbanized areas.
Like Ballard's protagonists, Jumpei is emasculated, pedantic, and whiny: a "man of suburbanized soul" in the phrase of Ballard's Super-Cannes (2000, 263).
Many of the areas with the rapidly growing entrepreneurial classes among minorities--places like Atlanta, Nashville, Houston, and Dallas--are regions with diffuse, multipolar and heavily suburbanized land patterns.
Louv (2005) suggests fear as a barrier--fear of traffic, crime, strangers, and of nature itself--and an overall decline in natural places, resulting from the on-going shift from a rural to highly urbanized and suburbanized environment.
Producers' market has been undergoing huge changes as formerly rural areas have become suburbanized. Where large ranches and farms once dominated the landscape, hobby farms and ranchettes with a few acres of land and some horses, poultry or "exotic" livestock (everything from goats to Alpacas) are now commonplace.
Set in a suburbanized background where the social system is comparatively backward, the plot of this film involves stock characters dealing with lower middleclass family problems.
After World War II, the Y increasingly suburbanized. It remained a federated organization, with independent local Ys connected through both state and national structures.