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a resident of a suburb

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Thus the key political question increasingly became: who are the suburbanites and what do they want?
But suburbanites face lengthening delays as existing bypasses and motorways, such as the M62 and M25, fill up with drivers making short-distance, inter-suburban trips.
But what the suburbanite doesn't see is that, in the vast stretches of American and Canadian wilderness lands, a quite different process is unfolding: Far more trees are being planted than harvested, a trend that has been going on for decades.
On the lookout for the earliest offerings of such brands as Unitractors, Suburbanites and Kinkades, Bill left home and hearth, and his wife, Lynda, on April 18, and headed west.
Martinson, a city-planning consultant and longtime suburbanite, has the novel idea that the 140 million Americans who live in the nation's suburbs are not all fools.
is now the name of the cleaning-implement maker here, which has consolidated its Suburbanite and Easy Day enterprises.
For as a born and bred suburbanite I know first hand the hell of a childhood played against that backdrop with men lying star shaped under their motors for the weekend and where the only way to aspire to double barrelled snobbishness was to call your youngest Anna-Glypta.
It leads the nation in residential housing growth, with a typical suburbanite driving nearly 39,000 miles a year on clogged expressways in sometimes polluted air.
The peasant knows the reality of our world decades before the California suburbanite will ever get the point.
Addressing a broad range of visual media from the 1940s to the present, this volume examines how Australian national myths and stereotypes such as the outback type, the egalitarian, and the suburbanite have been represented (and sometimes subverted) in visual discourses that include the performance art of Mike Parr, the paintings of Howard Arkley and Vivienne Binns, television ads, Australian film, and cartoons.
In the novel her publicists are hailing as "the Indian Lolita," Abha Dawesar, through the eyes of a spunky 16-year-old suburbanite named Anamika, describes Delhi as "a city with no romance but a lot of passion." Keeping up appearances in a culture famous for demanding strict social conformity, Anamika leads a hot-blooded investigation into her sexuality, crossing lines of gender, age, and even class (she falls in love with her low-caste servant).
SEVERAL MONTHS AGO, AT THE HEIGHT of the Washington sniper crisis, conservative New York Times columnist and Maryland suburbanite William Satire wrote an uncharacteristic column calling for the government to do something, for God's sake.
Vendors such as Suburbanite Industries, Quickie Manufacturing and Sunshine Industries introduced the dusters over the past year.
Chairman Norma Carlson's blunt declaration that, "Absent adequate funding, Metra cannot survive in its current form," and Metra Director Don De Graff's assertion that without funding, "We'll go bankrupt," should set off alarm bells in the heart of every suburbanite, whether you use Metra or not.
What's more, compared to the equivalent Focus and Astra, the Golf looks and feels much more special and distinctive with its suburbanite middle-class sheen.