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surrounded by many suburbs

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Economists and social critics, shuddering at the shrinking of solidarity and social cohesion in Western suburbanised societies, have homed in on the concept of dwindling social capital.
GOVERNMENT guidelines issued this week will ensure that the rest of the countryside will be suburbanised.
The problem, according to the public transport sceptics, is that it is very difficult to serve large dispersed suburbanised cities with mass transit: allegedly there is just not enough population `mass' in any one locality to make the expansion of public transport viable.
Municipalities within each of the two study regions were chosen for detailed analysis based on the desire to assure a mix of central core, mature suburban, newly suburbanised and rural municipalities.
This idyllic country is presented as a suburbanised and automobilised North-American-style culture, where the goal of life is shopping.
As Birmingham suburbanised into the south of the city, TASCOS was on hand to offer the new residents service with a "divvie".
Originally a rural area, it gradually became suburbanised. A wharf was established on the Birmingham to Warwick Canal and railway stations were built in Acocks Green and Stechford (both remain open).