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regions adjacent to the tropics


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The subpolar LSW, carrying the imprinted climate signals, enters the subtropics along two principal pathways: The deep western boundary current transports LSW from the Labrador Basin to the Caribbean Islands, and the Gulf Stream and North Atlantic Currents carry it from the western boundary out into the interior of the ocean.
In the upper layers of the ocean, upwelled waters along the equator flow into the subtropics, mainly through the mid-latitude western boundary current (the Kuroshio).
The Asian monsoon is driven by warming during summer in the tropics and subtropics north of the equator and cooling of the tropics and subtropics to the south, with that heat difference spurring atmospheric changes that regulate monsoon intensity.
Typically, cyclospora infections occur within people living or traveling to the tropics and subtropics, a region where the parasite is native to and imported produce.
Keeping costs down is important because most cases of malaria occur in developing areas in the tropics and subtropics. The researchers reasoned that one way to help stabilize prices would be to improve the current ACT manufacturing process, which consistently yields less of the ingredient than expected.
The conditions under which it grows also depart dramatically from those of the species' ancestral range--the tropics and subtropics. Indeed, Meinesz notes, the only places in which a similar Caulerpa has been seen are several marine aquariums, including one across the beach from the water's edge where the alien's first Mediterranean sighting was documented.
It also is a vector for dengue or breakbone fever, a non-fatal disorder endemic to the tropics and subtropics.
The territory of Azerbaijan is interesting because it combines nineclimatic zones out of 11 existing in the world, from subtropics to high-alpine meadows.
They discovered that the number of clouds over the mid-latitudes decreased over the studied period, a finding that correlates with climate models, which predict that a warming Earth will cause dry zones to expand away from the subtropics and force storms poleward.
Allen, an assistant professor of Earth sciences at the University of California, Riverside, the research team notes that an unabated tropical belt expansion would impact large-scale atmospheric circulation, especially in the subtropics and mid-latitudes.
"What we're seeing are changes in the glaciers in the tropics and the subtropics that indicate warming.
Of the 11 existing climatic zones of our planet, nine are represented in the territory of Azerbaijan, ranging from subtropics to alpine mountain meadows.