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constituting or involving subtraction


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Multiple layers are then built up using conventional materials and lamination processes, and the subtractive print-and-etch sequence is repeated.
It is one of 12 project partners working on the Symbionica project ( to build a reconfigurable additive and subtractive manufacturing machine to make personalised bionics and prosthetics.
Once students had sufficient background knowledge on tikis, we had to tackle the difference between additive and subtractive sculpture.
Some geometries that are simply impossible or cost-prohibitive to create through subtractive manufacturing are comparatively simple with additive manufacturing.
"We are a CNC company, we started with subtractive manufacturing on three axis and we have now developed a five axis subtractive and additive manufacturing on one machine itself what we call hybrid manufacturing machine," Mudda said.
"This new additive manufacturing technology is of particular importance for PTFE, which is usually machined by subtractive manufacturing methods," continued Zentis.
The counsel of private companies contended that Drap dealt with registration applications on the subtractive basis.
Subtractive genomics is one such in silico approach used for drug target identification based on determination of essential and nonhomologous proteins within the pathogenic organism [1, 2].
BOREALIS began as a consortium of European partners including the Fraunhofer Institute, some universities, and other industrial partners looking to provide an advanced concept for flexible machines in new additive and subtractive manufacturing processes focused on the next generation of complex 3D metal components.
It combines additive manufacturing (AM) and subtractive manufacturing in one single platform by using one tunable pulsed fiber laser.
Subtractive metal milling remains an essential manufacturing process in aerospace and other sectors where source material traceability is critical.
The company said that the amended warranty is a direct reflection of its confidence in its proprietary subtractive manufacturing process.
Subtractive Colors: Synthesis-Sylenth, Asch Catabona
By combining 3D printing with subtractive techniques like CNC machining or laser cutting, there are even more possibilities.
Fonon is a manufacturer of industrial-grade additive and subtractive laser-based material processing systems with R/D Center developing new technologies.