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(music) the seventh note of the diatonic scale

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In the minor mode circle of fifths, the subtonic is often used: i [right arrow] iv [right arrow] VII [right arrow] III.
Headlining is Portland group Trio Subtonic, which plays a combination of funk and soul jazz.
The trio plays jazz, "immersed in Brazilian grooves and odd meters." In the bio, the Willamette Week describes Trio Subtonic's music as "truly hypnotic."
Trio Subtonic almost could have been called Two-thirds Subtropic, because the group got its start after two members spent time studying music
If you like Eleven Eyes and Reeble Jar, you probably will enjoy the Portland-based Trio Subtonic, which plays groove-heavy jazz with hip-hop and samba influences.
Or you could just go buy some Bright Eyes, Kathy Mattea, Buddy Miles and Trio Subtonic CDs and stay home, curled around your sweet tub of creme brulee and feel depressed that summer really is almost over.
Of special significance is the fact that the SSS will reliably cycle automatic weapons, something normal subtonics seldom achieve.