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Synonyms for subtlety

Synonyms for subtlety

a subtle difference in meaning or opinion or attitude

the quality of being difficult to detect or analyze


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In this article I articulate how Walker's A Subtlety defies the risk of reproducing the spectacle and objectification of the Black female body and the history it contains, by creating a space in which viewers can engage with the "vulnerability" of the subject matter, and consequently, with their own vulnerability.
Orszag's compliments about the "insight, subtlety, and nuance" of my interview with in The International Economy.
252) In some ways it is refreshing to have such an uncompromising affirmation of faith, even if (despite the qualifiers) his unnuanced objectivism stands in odd contrast to the subtlety of much of his discussion.
In the electronic media, we can find few better exam ples of this confusion and subtlety than from watching Vision TV, Canada's syncretistic television network.
(Black communities were no more homogeneous or monolithic than white communities.) Thus he explores with subtlety the fissures that appeared in black communities - internal differences emerging out of social status, skin color, gender, religion, and ideological predispositions.
Musical direction for Le Portrait was provided by Stuart Hamilton, whose playing fully realized the passion and subtlety of Massenet's beautiful music.
One commentator has called attention to the fact that "Jesus obviously loved it when people flung themselves at him in their need, risking everything on his power and love, with no riders added to their requests: `Lord, that I may see'; `Lord, if you want to, you can make me clean.'" No subtlety there.
We're ordering espresso - straight and con panna - trying cappuccino, considering caffe mocha and studying the subtlety of macchiato.
WALES boast far more attacking subtlety than their bulldozing 'Warrenball' typecasting, according to Paul O'Connell.
TF Muir doesn't do subtlety. And I mean that as a compliment.
Conductor Jiri Belohlavek produced a performance of great subtlety, Janacek's highly idiosyncratic harmonies and orchestration made to seem an entirely logical continuation of the 19th century romantic tradition.
A series of short, unrelated dance-poems that build in emotional force, Cloudless continues Marshall's fascination with the subtlety and complexity of human behavior.
Because here we find all the critical subtlety of Ronicke's first video collages and her delicate way of fitting together our private lives and our collective history.
The jury was moved by the subtlety, dignity and austere gentleness of the composition, which demonstrates an assured use of materiality, space and light.
The book is written the way Raspberry and her friends speak, in a slangy street style with little subtlety but great rhythm.