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Synonyms for subtitle

secondary or explanatory title

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supply (a movie) with subtitles

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We received a very positive response to this decision, but have no further plans to provide subtitling in languages other than Welsh and English on our programmes.
To Eduardo Vera of Hallmark Channel, it's not simply subtitling that
She said: "The response to our campaign has been tremendous and shows there is a real demand among deaf and hard-of-hearing people for better subtitling.
LAS VEGAS -- CPC's award winning MacCaption software now adds stereoscopic 3D subtitle authoring to its versatile arsenal of HD closed captioning and subtitling post production capabilities.
Cavena Audio Description package provides easy subtitling in 30 languages, with Acapela voices
In order to meet the policy requirement will VRT, in collaboration with the Flemish Department of Economy, Science and Innovation (EWI) and the Culture, Youth, Sports and Media (CJSM), through an innovative approach of voice and technological language subtitling in Dutch substantially improve the efficiency of the current way of working so that more profit (read: more subtitled programs) for the same or less operational cost possible, without compromising the quality of the generated subtitles.
of Warsaw) analyzes forms of address in Standard Polish and Standard British English and their translation in the form of subtitling.
There are now countless sites on the web chronicling the shortcomings of the subtitling system with examples ranging from the unusual to the downright bizarre.
I thought there was a technical problem, but when I got through to S4C's helpline I was told they are cutting back on subtitling because they have to save money.
Recently there's been a massive increase in web video and all the old-style subtitling and captioning firms have been caught napping.
WHILE deaf mum Tracy Bennett is suffering more than most in the dispute between Virgin Media and Sky, her plight highlights the fundamental importance of subtitling and the derisory levels on many cable and satellite channels.
Mr Moon said: ``This year S4C have said that as BBC Wales was providing the Eisteddfod programmes for S4C they had no control over the subtitling.
During our decade of lobbying S4C to provide English subtitles for songs and lyrics broadcast in the Welsh language, we have been told that copyright issues prevent subtitling.