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Synonyms for subtitle

secondary or explanatory title

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supply (a movie) with subtitles

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Dubbing is generally seen as the more domesticating of these two translation methods as it erases the foreign audio, negating the viewer any direct access to the original dialogue, while subtitling is seen as the more foreignizing method as it supplements the foreign instead of erasing it.
Sharing almost similar functions to subtitling is closed captioning, which additionally incorporates information of the sound effects taking place in the particular dialogue or shot.
Intending to go beyond the sole examination of the subtitling of verbally-expressed cultural messages, this paper investigates how to handle cultural information transferred through visual modes, rather than through verbal language alone.
While the methods of China's censors may aid fan subtitling groups, authorities have been cracking down on them.
The guide will examine cost efficiency, video editing synchronisation, file format transcoding, multi-language/multi-channel processing, live subtitling, quality control including web and mobile streaming.
Poor quality subtitling is not always about miss-spelt words or time lags.
The Elements of Subtitles: A Practical Guide to the Art of Dialogue, Character, Context, Tone, and Style in Subtitling" discusses translating and subtitling modern media and explains that subtitles need to be more than literal translations, and need to truly grasp the nature of the subject.
English subtitling during exposure enhanced this learning effect; Dutch subtitling reduced it.
Its spokeswoman said: "Due to technical restrictions, it is only possible to transmit two separate subtitling streams as a maximum on most television programmes.
Subtitling, dubbing and closed captions are all valid tools used for reaching across language barriers and penetrating various territories in a region such as Latin America.
WHILE deaf mum Tracy Bennett is suffering more than most in the dispute between Virgin Media and Sky, her plight highlights the fundamental importance of subtitling and the derisory levels on many cable and satellite channels.
IN response to Cedric Moon's letter from the Deaf Broadcasting Council (Viewpoints, January 9), I would point out that ITV1 Wales takes the issue of subtitling very seriously.
1 -- color) Theater employee Karla Brizuela looks at a marquee advertising Spanish subtitling on the Disney movie ``Treasure Planet'' that is screening at the Mann Theatre Plant 16 in Panorama City.
By focusing this paper solely on subtitling, several aspects that ought to be taken into consideration when teaching a module of subtitling are highlighted such as theory and practice; professional and linguistic dimensions; equipment needed; Internet resources; and the like.