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Synonyms for subtitle

secondary or explanatory title

Related Words

supply (a movie) with subtitles

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ZOO Digital president Gordon Doran added: "In what is a highly competitive space with many well-established service providers, we're delighted to have been selected by BBC Worldwide to deliver a solution to produce and manage subtitles and captions.
Similar to "fuck my life", "[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]" is a swearing formula that serves to express a mixture of such feelings as irritation and frustration in its immediate context of the subtitle.
But live subtitles are delayed by several seconds and are prone to errors.
Martin, a charity project manager for Deafblind Cymru, said: "I always say: 'Please can you check and make a phone call to the projection room to make sure they remember to put the subtitles on'.
Section 530(c)(1) defines "employment taxes" to which the provision applies as "any tax imposed by subtitle C of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954.
MacCaption's subtitle authoring mode enables content creators to specify 3D depth on a per-subtitle basis.
Furthermore, it will ease access for illiterate people or users that find it difficult to follow written subtitles," says Henrik Moberg CEO, from Cavena.
When my almostdeaf dad was alive, we used to love watching telly with him for the subtitle cock-ups.
To continue to meet the requirements set subtitle and this by increasing media supply (mobile, third channel, .
Even Examiner columnist Barry Gibson got on in the act a few weeks ago, snapping a caption on the Beeb rather than a subtitle - but it appears someone's mind was somewhere else.
Each book has its own descriptive subtitle, but subtitles sometimes get dropped in bibliographic databases; hence the confusion.
Only sand that has been removed from the sand loop "for disposal (or for subsequent treatment or storage prior to disposal)" is potentially a solid waste under the jurisdiction of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) subtitle C.
4940(c)(1), which states that "[e]xcept to the extent inconsistent with the provisions of this section, net investment income shall be determined under the principles of Subtitle A.
The novel application will empower users to customize their online video and engage a greater audience by superimposing subtitle layers onto the screen.