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Synonyms for subtitle

secondary or explanatory title

Related Words

supply (a movie) with subtitles

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There are currently over 25 subtitle formats, and each format comes with unique sets of features and capabilities.
It's a good idea to update even if you don't torrent or download subtitle files.
However, one has to keep in mind that the synchrony between audio and subtitle content is one of the prime priorities of the translation subtitler.
This is the first time in the history of closed caption and subtitle technology, where there is an open source implementation available to facilitate interoperability.
Fortunately, thousands of volunteers have contributed to translating and editing on-screen subtitles (e.
In light of the previous research in subtitle translation (e.
One hardof-hearing viewer said: "The subtitles on Corrie are entertainment value on their own and you get some real belters.
Zimaku+ will produce the subtitles for the opera, provide and run the server used to deliver the subtitles, and manage the test during the sessions.
But delayed Ofcom expects regular reporting by broadcasters to help improve subtitles over time, as well as allowing us to identify exactly which areas need most progress.
The Ferret is a topical programme and I know everyone in the deaf community is frustrated by the lack of subtitles, which is due, according to ITV, to "technical difficulties", so it is great to know those difficulties have now been overcome.
As YouTube's own Help guide notes, adding text makes the clip more accessible for those with hearing impairments -- and Google's other software tools can automatically translate your clip's subtitle text into 60 languages.
Summary: Softel has announced Swift Subtitle Monitor, a new multi-channel subtitle monitoring software that allows the real-time checking of subtitle match [.
Helge Vidar Holm's new study on Moeurs de province, the subtitle of what is likely to be considered Gustave Flaubert's best-known novel, Madame Bovary, is a refreshing addition to critical debate in the field of Flaubert Studies.
Summary: SDI, the global leader in subtitling and localization services to the media & entertainment industry, today announced that Sony Creative Software, a division of Sony Electronics, has adopted and integrated SDI's XML schema into their Z-DepthEoAaAo 3D subtitle editing application - Z Depth creates the information needed for proper placement of subtitles or menus in the 3D space of a 3D title presentation.
a leading provider of professional video and audio editing applications, has announced the availability of Blu-print 6(TM), a Blu-ray Disc authoring application and Z Depth(TM) 3D subtitle offset editing application.