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Synonyms for subtitle

secondary or explanatory title

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supply (a movie) with subtitles

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"I bought 3 tickets for Cinema 2 in Lucky Chinatown and the cashier didn't (inform) me that it has Chinese Subtitles.
Today, there are multiple operators distributing video content with original audio, and a number of different languages available in the form of subtitles.
There are currently over 25 subtitle formats, and each format comes with unique sets of features and capabilities.
Currently, you need to pirate something to end up with one of the malicious subtitle files.
Subtitles can be intra- or interlingual; mono- or bilingual; live (also called online or real-time) or pre-prepared (also called offline); open (forming part of the film or broadcast, for example laser-engraved subtitles on a film print) or closed (subtitles that do not form part of the film or broadcast but can be voluntarily added for example via teletext, by means of a decoder or by selecting them from a DVD menu) (for a detailed discussion of the classification of subtitles see Diaz Cintas and Remael 13-28).
Despite the advantages of dual-mode presentations, the effectiveness of presenting audio text and excluding written text or subtitles is dependent on the complexity and the difficulty of the text itself (Kalyuga et al., 1999).
In light of the previous research in subtitle translation (e.g.
Writer's note: It's good to hear the article was helpful during your trip to Philadelphia, but I'm sorry to hear you were offended by the subtitle.
CORRIE fans who are hard of hearing have been left scratching their heads at a string of recent subtitle howlers.
Epson and its partners have created and will test the practical potential of a more convenient subtitle system that they hope solves this problem.
generally scroll screen, which and the corresponding subtitle appearing).
Helge Vidar Holm's new study on Moeurs de province, the subtitle of what is likely to be considered Gustave Flaubert's best-known novel, Madame Bovary, is a refreshing addition to critical debate in the field of Flaubert Studies.
The majority of comments almost assuredly oppose the agency's most drastic of two proposed rule options, whereby power plants' landfill-bound coal combustion residuals (CCR), including concrete-or non-concrete-grade fly ash, would be classified as "hazardous waste" under Resource Conservation & Recovery Act (RCRA) Subtitle C.
In the 138-page document's discussions of how RCRA subtitle C or D might cloud fly ash specification for concrete, the agency invites "comment on potential refinements for certain beneficial uses"; "other suggestions on how EPA might promote beneficial use of CCRs"; and, "suggestions that would reduce any perceived impacts resulting from 'stigma' due to [RCRA subtitle C] identification of CCRs."
Summary: SDI, the global leader in subtitling and localization services to the media & entertainment industry, today announced that Sony Creative Software, a division of Sony Electronics, has adopted and integrated SDI's XML schema into their Z-DepthEoAaAo 3D subtitle editing application - Z Depth creates the information needed for proper placement of subtitles or menus in the 3D space of a 3D title presentation.