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  • verb

Synonyms for subtilize

mark fine distinctions and subtleties, as among words

make more subtle or refined

make (senses) more keen


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Parker has certainly "enlarged" the picture of Melville's activities, family, and milieu, but he might have done more to "subtilize" it; he elaborately details the context, to be sure, but many readers will want more focus on the mind and work of the man whose inner life and created art transcend the quotidian details of family and routine.
Even in their necessarily subterranean mode, the tariqats have done a great deal to subtilize and educate the fundamentalist impulse; while secreted within the power structure, sometimes at high levels, their members have persistently labored toward what a liberal Westerner would recognize as enlightened ends.
One work of history can challenge or even refute another, or it can add, refine or subtilize it.
And whether such works convey luminosity and quietude or bustle and obscurity, they can deepen and subtilize our appreciation of and embeddedness in the world around us.
Because such an experience is by definition beyond language, he sought a style that would not try to encompass but, as Robert Zoellner puts it (borrowing a word from Ishmael), to "subtilize" the phenomena (164-65).