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a polypeptide antibiotic (similar to bacitracin) obtained from a soil bacterium

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Lygeros, "Parameter identification for stochastic hybrid systems using randomized optimization: A case study on subtilin production by bacillus subtilis," Nonlinear Analysis.
The challenge focused on information extraction of gene interactions in Bacillus subtilin, a model bacterium.
Goettingen, Germany, August 17, 2013 --( Conducted by the Dutch company NIZO food research BV, the SURE system, a SUbtilin-Regulated Expression system for Bacillus subtilis, was developed which allows strict control of gene expression by addition of subtilin.
Muaz and Shahida, [5] in a research discovered the production of bacitracin and subtilin by Bacillus sp.
They found secretion of antimicrobials; gramicidin, gatavalin, polymxin, subtilin, and tyrocidine by biofilms in continuous reactors.