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Synonyms for subterrestrial

located or operating beneath the earth's surface

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What interests me most, however, is how the chora has had a subterrestrial presence in many philosophical systems, albeit in different guises, as, I will show, is the case with Castoriadis' thought.
The science which we call crystallography - the study of the forms, properties and structure of crystals - was the most esteemed of all sciences in this subterrestrial country; indeed, it might be regarded as science itself, for on it were based, not only all notions of the structure of the universe, but equally all notions of beauty, truth, destiny ...(12) Aesthetics in this crystal world approximate to the extract quoted above from Art and Society (and repeated in 'An Art of Pure Form') and even better to 'The Faculty of Abstraction', another, cruder statement of 1937 that 'abstract art makes use of, or proceeds on the basis of, the abstract concepts of physics and dynamics, geometry and mathematics'.