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Synonyms for subterraneous

being or operating under the surface of the earth


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lying beyond what is openly revealed or avowed (especially being kept in the background or deliberately concealed)

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The unique physical properties of the MI channel enables it to operate through almost any medium including ice, rock, soil, water, and concrete such as subterraneous tunnels, caves or bunkers and urban structures.
baccalaureate bare ale caa cut bacteriolyses bels ary cis toe emotionalised eild moi ons tae perditionable pine eta rib dol savourinesses sues ars vis one speleologists segs poi els lot subterraneans sens ure bra tan subterraneous sens ure bro tau And 4-ply 14-letter words can also be found.
10 letter A of the Mining Law (including hydrocarbons, coals and ferrous ores), the exploitation of minerals in deposits, the subterraneous storage of substances in non-reservoir system and the subterraneous storage of waste products can be executed only after obtaining a license.
Ransom embarks on a perilous subterraneous journey on Perelandra during which he dispenses with the Unman in the abyss (172-184).
IN 1886, a local paper reported: "Whilst the workmen employed on the drainage works, in this town, were engaged in excavating for the sewer between the Cardiff Arms Hotel and the Five Bells Inn, on Tuesday last, they came upon a solid arch of masonry, about 5ft from the surface, which after much trouble in removing,they found to enclose a subterraneous passage of about 5ft in height by 4 feet wide."
They are broken, dislocated and thrown into every possible direction, and their interior parts are no less rude and romantic, for they universally abound with subterraneous caverns; and, in short, with every possible mark of violence" (Whitehurst 51).
During his journey, Kircher had observed mount Etna and the isle of Stromboli; however, when he ascended mount Vesuvius he envisaged, in his volume Mundus subterraneous, the underground turmoil as the movement of earth's burning core.
The new structure, consisting of one ground-level and one subterraneous storey, is roofed by a "translucent veil" (3)--a term with strong Islamic connotations in this context.
What a place is London in its extent, its complexity, its myriads of dwellings, its subterraneous works!
--Scope extension during the execution of the pavement to improve superficial drainage and a correct subterraneous water evacuation.
Even though he had changed a lot since his days in the German prison, the feelings of power and control he used to have were now giving him goose bumps, and even if he didn't want to get imprisoned again, those feelings made waves somewhere in the subterraneous lakes of his being, deep and swampy lakes of the sort that he imagined Radu's universe was made of, although he was aware of the fact that the waters his friend bathed in were a lot deeper and darker than his, and the storms were much more violent.