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In the distal part of a spikelet in Lepidosperma tetraquetrum, the flowers are dislocated with respect to their subtending glumes (Fig.
On rare occasions, her doubts concerning her own project and the methods subtending it seem to brim over and jeopardize the project itself.
Axillary buds are described as being initiated from detached meristems which show cytohistological zonation consisting of 2 layers, stratified initials, overlaying a group of subtending cells, the basal initials.
The competitive edge exhibited by FS 1 bolls may also be related to enhanced access to nutrients and water because of their proximity to the main stem, which results in larger and more efficient subtending leaves.
The Avidia System's impressive list of capabilities include advanced subtending with multi-system management capabilities; the widest variety of chassis sizes in the industry; the greatest number of network and subscriber interface options available; a complete line of modems, routers and Integrated Access Devices; and ADC's unmatched OSS software, integration and support services.
Each chapter explores this subtending theme as it discusses a variety of possible reactions by the female protagonist to this oppressive condition: resignation, rebellion, retreat into insanity, and conformity to socially prescribed roles.
These ports can be used to aggregate traffic from additional Stingers or other DSLAMs, known as subtending, allowing the network to effectively grow as new subscribers are added.
2] holes (two on each side of the midvein) in the leaves immediately subtending 10 inflorescences on 20 of the least infected individuals at the BK site.
This craving for more, however, attests to the author's success: for the first time she sets side-by-side a series of texts that share both similarities and differences, and she asks of them difficult questions which are fundamental for a reconstitution of the imaginaries subtending the text/reader contract in the fictional literature of sixteenth-century France.
The work is held to inaugurate modernity by taking to its very limits the radical critique of all values subtending modern works, but it is arguably more convincing historically to read Celestina as a deeply moral work precisely because it shows subversion, hedonism, materialism, and irreverence for traditional values, bringing not pleasure and fulfilment but pain and destruction.
However much we may be tempted to read these terms in an affective fashion, we should be cognizant that subtending this melancholy trio is Donato's recognition that the impossibility of language "to sustain a stable semiology" resides not in some mournful longing for a lost originary presence but in temporality.
The RAY-ROADM was first configured as a 1x1 ROADM in a mixed ring configuration with Movaz's RAYexpress(TM) product, deployed either as standalone nodes or as subtending service terminating shelves.
Sadek suggested that, subtending the unclear facts of the case, there is a political motivation centred on the exclusion of Sameh Seif Al-Yazaal from leading the parliament and giving the position to Tawfiq Oksha.
In the present project the attentional system will be loaded through visual or auditory dual-tasking to investigate the core cognitive and neural mechanisms subtending normal and pathological (stroke patients) spatial processing.
Instead of each bar subtending 2" at 100 yards, they subtend 3.