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a system that is part of some larger system

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Security systems are composed of numerous interrelated subsystems (personnel, logistics, medical, communications, etc.
Levine adds another prescription that is not commonplace; he suggests practice on the cognitive subsystem that is impaired.
This becomes a pitfall, however, as adding more capacity to a subsystem without increasing its performance actually creates bottlenecks.
Which of these are from outside the subsystem, which from inside?
The ARC Video Subsystem requires as little as 160 MHz, with low power consumption and small die size, to decode a 1.
The BMC Subsystem Optimizer solution is transparent to databases and applications, requiring no changes to application code.
Pricing for a workable disk subsystem falls into three distinct categories:
LAS VEGAS -- ARC International (LSE:ARK), the world leader in configurable subsystems and CPU/DSP processors, today announced that ARC customers, partners, and OEM companies will display a wide range of innovative ARC-Based([TM]) solutions at this week's International Consumer Electronics Show (CES).
In this case, the total 110 request throughput on the storage subsystem is kept small in an effort to drive to bare minimum the time required to complete each of these synchronous 110 requests and, thus, achieve significantly reduced wall clock completion time for the application.
The ARC Player Subsystem provides a compelling, low cost migration option for manufacturers by offering configurable 32-bit processing and multi-standard audio and video support.
Data starts on the mainframe and is sent through the Fibre Channel network over the FICON ULP to an intelligent storage subsystem that supports both FCP and FICON coimnands.
Atmel's adoption of the ARC Video Subsystem underscores the industry trend toward configurable platforms and away from single-function products," said Derek Meyer, senior vice president of sales and marketing at ARC International.
However, in a SAN environment, many computers (possibly over 32), can share the same large (and expensive) storage subsystem causing the 32 LUN limitation to be a significant handicap.
Another important element in our decision to adopt the ARC Video Subsystem was the flexibility our design team has to add algorithms in addition to the pre-verified codecs offered as part of the Video Subsystem solution.
In general, storage pooling does not facilitate data exchanges between virtual devices in a disk subsystem.
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